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Younger Camp Award Winners

Congratulations to all the youth who attended 4-H Younger Camp held at Cabwaylingo June 20-24. It was the first time in three years that 4-H was able to conduct residential camps in Wayne County due to the pandemic. Here is a summary of award winners last week. 

  • Spirit of Camp - Joel Patton 
  • Head H - Brody Parsons 
  • Heart H - Kinley Howard 
  • Hands H - Noah Toney 
  • Health H - Brookelynn Messer

Outstanding Recognition 
  • Daxton Stapleton
  • Nathaniel Norman 
  • Levi McSweeney 
Jon Irby Outstanding First Yr Camper Scholarship 
  • Liam Stiltner
  • Kayley Robinson 
Skipper Kirk Scholarship 
  • Calvin Fields 
Charlie Rickman Scholarship 
  • Jada Sparks 
Spirit & H Award Winners - Younger Camp 2022

L-R: Brookelynn Messer, Brody Parsons, Joel Patton, Noah Toney, Kinley Howard