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Tribal Leadership at 4-H Older Camp

Wayne County 4-H Older Camp was held at Cabwaylingo State Forest June 6 - 10, 2022. The following teens were identified for leadership positions at camp last week (l-r): Duke Parsley, Addy Smith, Hunter Hayton, Canaan Blankenship, McKenzie Cassel, Fallon Stephens, Bekah Napier, and Ethan Adams. The following photographs are a few highlights from a great week at camp. 

tribal leadership Older Camp 2022

youth doing team building exercise

Youth learn team building and communication skills. 

Shooting sports

Youth learn about fire arm safety and how to shoot air rifles. 

youth folding a US flag

Youth learn how to fold a US flag.

youth learning birdwatching

Youth learn how to bird watch!