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Picture This Wayne County is Back!

Details about Picture this Wayne County

Our office has partnered with Robert Thompson, a local historian and author who has identified a variety of places of interest in Wayne County. We encourage 4-H members to snap pictures of as many of these as they would like and email them to Julie Tritz, along with your name and the place of interest. We will post them to our Facebook page as they come in.

4-H members that take photographs of at least five places of interest will have their name placed for a drawing for one of Robert Thompson’s book. We will draw three names. Winners will get to select which Robert Thompson book they would like for their library! Here are the places of interest to photograph spring:

  • Wayne Mill Dam
  • Rustic Ravines
  • East Lynn Lake
  • Beech Fork Lake
  • Cabwaylingo Tick Ridge Fire Tower 
  • Holy Cross Monastery (visit their website to familiar yourself with their visitor policy or call 1-800-849-2072)
  • Veteran's Memorial (next to the Extension Office) 
  • Docks Creek Cemetery
  • John Wellman Cemetery in front of Fort Gay PK8 school
  • Samuel Ferguson historical marker by Marathon in Wayne
  • James Maynard historical marker at entrance coal haul road on Cabwaylingo Park Road
  • Josiah Marcum historical marker on Jennie's Creek Road
  • Camp Pierpont historical marker at Ceredo Town Hall
  • Robert Michael Thompson - East Lynn Booming - Climbing Trout's Hill: A history of the town of Wayne - Pioneers, Rebels and Wolves - a History of Wayne County; Images of East Lynn; Fear No Man - the Life of Colonel Milton Jameson Ferguson; Few Among the