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4-H Camp Prize Winners Announced

4-H Camp-at-home wrapped up last month. Enrolled youth had the opportunity to complete a variety of challenges to win prizes. The deadline for completion of the challenges was Monday July 6, 2020. Below is a list of winners. The item listed behind each name is the item they won. Congratulations to all our winners! 

Younger Camp

  • Greek Recipe Challenge: Benton Hall (clover-shaped cookie cutter)

  • Nature Hunt Challenge: Carlee McSweeney (4-H bandanna) 

  • Parthenon Challenge: Autumn Banks  (4-H pencil case)

  • Walking Challenge: Shamus Tucker (4-H Yo-Yo)

  • Birds of WV Challenge: Elijah Parsley (4-H pen/ notepad)

Older Camp

  • Greek Recipe Challenge: Zacharia Ballengee (clover-shaped cookie cutter)

  • Nature Hunts Challenge: Iggy Ballengee  (4-H bandanna) 

  • Parthenon Challenge: Harper Tucker  (4-H pencil case)

  • Walking Challenge: Danielle Adkins (4-H Yo-Yo)

  • Birds of WV Challenge: Conner Hall  (4-H pen/ notepad)

Cloverbud Day Camp

  • Greek Recipe Challenge: Xander Halcomb (clover cookie cutter)

  • Nature Hunts: Maggie Knight (4-H bandanna) 

  • Parthenon: Maria Sifford (4-H pencil case)

  • Birds of WV: Betty Jane Parsley  (4-H pen and notepad)

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