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Frequently Asked Questions for the 2020 Virtual Energy Express Program

How will the Energy Express program operate this summer?

WVU Extension Service is committed to hosting Energy Express (June 22-July 31) for children throughout West Virginia. To ensure the safety of children, staff and volunteers, our Energy Express program will take place primarily at home. Energy Express AmeriCorps members will provide activities for your child to complete at home through the end of July, following all COVID-19 guidelines enforced at all levels.

Additionally, we will work with local schools and community partners to determine whether or not small, group activities could be held safely for students enrolled in the program. However, we anticipate most of the programming will take place outside of the traditional school environment.

Is Energy Express going to be like school?

While we will not have our traditional classroom setting, your child will receive free, take-home books with activities to complete, as well as a family Extension activity. Your child will receive hands-on learning and art activities to enjoy that go along with a weekly theme/book. Children will have the opportunity to participate in additional learning through a variety of media such as local television broadcasting and free, online access to Scholastic’s Lit Pro program, which gives children access to 3,500+ book selections for independent reading (much like the daily shared reading provided by Energy Express).

Who will work with my child this summer?

AmeriCorps members (college bound seniors or currently enrolled students) and site supervisors (certified teachers) will create engaging activities for children to complete at home. These activities will be distributed through local feeding sites, TV, online, mail or other approved delivery methods.

What are the requirements of my child’s participation in Energy Express?

You should encourage your child to participate in and complete activities AmeriCorps members create. Engaging activities provide a welcome alternative to virtual school, and these activities will help us gauge your child’s reading and comprehension progress. AmeriCorps members also earn service hours while serving with Energy Express. They will touch base with families throughout the program, interact with your child by discussing activities and serve as a positive role model to your child, as they have always done.

What if I do not have internet?

Some of our program may be offered online, but we recognize limitations with limited or no access to the internet. Online educational pieces are additional resources that will be offered to children enrolled in Energy Express. If your child can access the internet via phone, tablet/iPad or laptop, please encourage them to participate. If you do not have internet, your child can still participate of the program. All activities will be accessible where WiFi is offered.

Will AmeriCorps members come to my home?

AmeriCorps members will always follow all COVID-19 safety guidelines, including social distancing. If permitted by these guidelines and county regulations, members may distribute materials locally. This may include providing your child with additional resources to use during the program. AmeriCorps members will not be permitted to enter homes during the program, but may drop off materials, if appropriate.

Will meals be provided? How will that work?

We know that health and nutrition are a valuable part of our Energy Express program, and we are working with state and community partners to provide meals for those in need. Once we have more information, we will make that information available.

How do I enroll my child in Energy Express?

Your child can apply online. Parents may also request a paper application, though this may take longer as the WVU Extension Service Wayne County office is currently closed due to COVID-19. Completed paper applications should be mailed to:

WVU Extension Service Wayne County
Attn: Energy Express Child Application
27572 East Lynn Road, Wayne WV 25570

Where do I submit my child’s application?

Please call our Extension Office at 304-272-6839 for instructions on submitting your child’s application.

How will I know if my child has been accepted?

The Wayne County Energy Express program will make decisions and notify parents around May 22, 2020. For additional information visit our website at

WVU Extension Service Energy Express Enroll Now