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International Cooking Series Kicks off with Australia

A few highlights from the first session of our International Cooking series where youth “traveled” to Australia on Monday, January 27 at the Extension Office. Youth had the opportunity to make Australian mince pies, lamingtons (a type of cake) and try Vegemite, a popular food spread in Australia. Enjoy the pictures! Youth will have an opportunity to make foods from and learn about the country of Greenland on Monday, February 3.To learn more about this and other opportunities through the Wayne County 4-H program, please contact our office at 304-272-6839

Australia Cooking Class.

Australia Cooking Class - Making Mince Pies.

Making mince pies.

Australia Cooking Class - Making Lamingtons (Austrlian cake).

Trying lamingtons, an Australian cake.

Australia Cooking Class - Trying Vegemite.

Trying Vegemite, a popular Australian food spread.