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2019 Older Camp Award Winners

The 2019 Wayne County 4-H Older Camp concluded on Friday, June 28, at Cabwaylingo State Forest. The photo below features Spirit and H award winners (l-r): James Cox, Hands H; Blake Cox, Health H; Abby Kincaid, Spirit of Camp; JoJo Vanhoose, Heart H; and Cameron Cade, Head H.

2019 Spiritt & H Award Winners Wayne County Older Camp

The following list cites other award winners.

Blue & Gold

  • Zara Harold
  • Brenna Barnett
  • Zane Stewart

Green & White
  • Grayson Smith
  • Simon Ballengee
  • Kayla Smith

Outstanding Recognition
  • Bekah Napier
  • Michael Murphy
  • Austin Ballengee

The Jon Irby Outstanding First Year Camp
  • Matthew Fry
  • Maddie Barrett

Charlie Rickman Scholarship
  • Seth Newman

Nell Hatfield Scholarship
  • Hunter Hayton
Congratulations to all our award winners on a job well done!