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Found Items Sought for Energy Express sites

Found Items for Energy Express - Recyled into Art - Featuring images of fabric, yarn, cardboard rolls, paper and more.

Wayne County will host four Energy Express sites this summer and are in need of craft items to help with the program. The following Energy Express sites will accept "found items" during normal school hours. The sites include:

  • Buffalo Elementary

  • C-K Elementary

  • East Lynn Elementary

  • Fort Gay PreK-8

Here are some examples of "found items". For more information, please call our office at 304-272-6839 or email Julie Tritz.

  • Egg cartons

  • Paper bags (clean –all sizes)

  • Paper towel/ toilet paper tubes (they had a shortage of these last year, so we would appreciate receiving lots)

  • Large appliance boxes

  • Wallpaper samples

  • Magazines with lots of pictures

  • Empty cereal boxes

  • Empty oats boxes

  • Newspapers

  • Plastic bags – all sizes

  • Plastic sheeting

  • Foam peanuts

  • Plastic containers – all sizes/shapes

  • Used file folders

  • Heavy weight and regular paper

  • Buttons, beads, sequins

  • Freezer/butcher paper

  • Cotton balls, q-tips

  • Craft feathers

  • String, thread, yarn, spools

  • Fabrics/materials – all kinds

  • Socks/panty hose – clean

  • Clothesline/clothespins

  • Foam trays, plates, cups

  • Leftover craft materials –all kinds

  • Foam, paint, felt, decorations

  • School supplies- Markers, glue, scissors, crayons, chalk, pencils, Notebook/construction paper

  • Tape- especially painter’s tape and masking tape

  • Plastic buckets

  • Shower curtains/old sheets