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Registration Open for 4-H County Round Up

Registration is open for our annual County 4-H Round Up event (formerly Wayne Co. 4-H Day). Enrolled 4-H members may register online by April 5, 2019. The online registration link has more information about this annual event. It will take place April 15 at 6 p.m. at the Extension Office. Below are all the contest areas;  If you have any questions, please do  not hesitate to call our office at 304-272-6839.


4-H Clover

4-H Pledge – this category is a great opportunity for Cloverbuds to get practice speaking in front of an audience by reciting the 4-H Pledge.  New 4-H members of any age are welcome to enter this category as well. This category is not judged. All participants will receive a green participation ribbon. 

Cookie Bake-Off – provides an opportunity for 4-H members to test their baking skills with others in the county. A   4-H member is only allowed to enter once.  Each entry must consist of six homemade cookies (any kind) and two recipe cards(one for registration and one for the judge). Recipes should be written on 3 x 5 inch index cards.  

Photography Contest – encourages 4-H members to take and exhibit pictures that showcase 4-H. Emphasis should be placed on 4-H activities. Each 4-H member may submit two photos for competition. Prints must be no larger than 8" x 10" and no smaller than 5” x 7”.  Photos should be mounted and not in frames.  All entries must include the 4-H photographer's name, age (as of October 1, 2018), address, division (junior or senior) and an identifying caption for the picture.  

PowerPoint Presentation – 4-H members who participate in this contest should first and foremost develop and demonstrate effective public speaking skills. PowerPoint/digital technologies are used to add emphasis to their presentations. The technology used should not overwhelm the members’ presentations; it should add dimension and illustration to the members’ public speaking presentations. 4-H members are expected to design and create their own speeches and the accompanying PowerPoint/digital presentations . Length of time—for Juniors, not less than 5 minutes or more than 10 minutes. Seniors—not less than 10 minutes or more than 15 minutes.    

Public Speaking – provides 4-H members the opportunity to develop public speaking skills. Speeches must be original work of the speaker.  Required speaking times for Juniors is 3-5 minutes; for Seniors 5-7 minutes. The top scoring senior and junior speech will go on to the State 4-H Contest. Posters or other visuals are not to be used (small note cards are permitted).    

Visual Presentation – provides 4-H members the opportunity to build presentation skills. Visual presentations demonstrate or show how to actually do something (ex. showing how to make ginger snap cookies or how to properly braid a horse’s mane). Visual presentations may be given as an individual or by a team of two. Team members must be in the same age division. Visuals (i.e.posters, props) are encouraged. Note cards should not be larger than 3”x5”.  Length of time—for Juniors, not less than 5 minutes or more than 10 minutes.  Seniors—not less than 10 minutes or more than 15 minutes