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Amish Cheese Orders due April 3

The Wayne County 4-H Leaders are conducting their bi-annual fundraiser to raise funds to send youth to state 4-H camps and events. Please call our office 304-272-6839 for an order form. Items for sale include:

Amish Cheese
  • Colby (approx. 2-pound wheel) for $13
  • Colby-Jack (approx. 2-pound wheel) for $13
  • Fiesta Jack (approx. 2-pound block) for $13
  • Lacy Baby Swiss (approx. 2-pound wheel) for $14
  • Cheddar (approx. 2-pound block) for $14
  • Swiss (approx. 2-pound block) for $14
  • Butter Cheese (approx. 2-pound wheel) for $14
  • Farmers White Cheese (approx. 2-pound wheel) for $14
  • Smoked Goada Cheese (approx. 2-pound block) for $15
  • Smoked Cheddar Cheese (approx. 2-pound block) for $15
  • Garden Vegetable Yogurt Cheese (approx. 2-pound wheel) for $14
  • Bermuda Onion Cheese (approx. 2-pound block) for $14
  • Spring Sample (variety of cheese listed above) for $39
  • Troyers Trail Bologna Ring with HOT pepper cheese (approx. 1 pound, 4 ounces) for $9.50
  • Troyers Trail Bologna Ring smoked (approx. 1 pound, 4 ounces) for $9.50