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Youth Encouraged to Show in Open Livestock Show

Youth and adults are encouraged to participate in the Open Livestock Show as part of the 2018 Wayne County Fair held at Camden Park July 31 - August 4.

Registration deadline is July 14, 2018.

Rules and Guidelines

  1. This is an Open Livestock Show for youth and adults. Parents and guardians should use their best judgment in what animal(s) their child shows based on their ability and strength.
  2. Exhibitors will be judged in two classes that will involve the overall quality of their animal as well as showmanship.
  3. Animals must be free of disease and illness.
  4. Exhibitors and animals must arrive at the Wayne County Fair, Camden Park on July 31 at 10:00 AM for inspection (no exceptions); if disease or illness is evident, the animal may be asked to leave the fair. After inspection, the animal will remain at the fair until August 3 at 8:00 PM.
  5. Exhibitors will be given a pen to house their animal during the fair. Exhibitors will be responsible for providing feed, water, and care throughout the duration of the fair. Water spouts are available at Camden Park.
  6. All animals must remain in their cages at all times. The only exception is for bathing and or grooming. The public should not be in the pens, near animals nor holding small animals such as rabbits. Remember animals are there for the purpose of the Open Livestock Show and not for petting.
  7. Exhibitors must be able to control their animals at all times for the safety of the exhibitor and the public. An exhibitor may be asked to remove their animal from Camden Park, if they are not able to control their animal.
  8. The Open Livestock Show will be held on Thursday, August 2 at 4:00 PM at Camden Park.
  9. Space is limited at Camden Park. Therefore registration for the Open Livestock Show will be on a first-come, first-serve basis. Exhibitors will be notified if the Wayne County Fair is unable to accommodate their request to show, based on space. 
  10. Deadline to register is July 14, 2018. 

Call the WVU Extension Service Wayne County office at 304-272-6839 with any questions.

Register online for the Open Livestock Show