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State 4-H Poster Winners Announced

Congratulations to the 2018 West Virginia State 4-H Poster Contest participants from Wayne County! Our winners hail from the Genoa Warriors 4-H Club and our after school programs at Buffalo Elementary and Prichard Elementary.

*Not pictured is our Dairy category poster which will be displayed at the State Dairy Show in August created by Portia Morris (Junior): Dairy - White Ribbon.

The following youth competed and were awarded ribbons (blue - 1st, red - 2nd, and white - 3rd).

Maddie Morris (Junior): healthy Living poster showing a grassy field, tree and animals; reads Respect others in life; she received a blue ribbon  Katie Spry (Intermediate) poster showing a plate divided into the healthy food groups reading Dont hurt your body; she received a red ribbon

Jazmyn Pack (Intermediate) Argirculture poster showing animals and the food associated with them; she received a blue ribbon  Emmalee Meredith (Junior) Agriculture poster showing barn and car; reads Save Family Farm

John Moore (Junior) 4-H Club Promotion poster showing colorful butterfly; reads 4-H helps us change into beautiful people  Braxton Zirkle (Intermediate) 4-H General Promotion showing a group of people around 4-H clover; reads 4-H is the best place to be. want to join 4-H

Miley Jenkins (Junior) 4-H General Promotion showing grass, a flower with a lady bug on the leaf, a butterfly and bee in the air; reads 4-H teaches us about bugs  Benton Hall (Junior) 4-H Camp Promotion showing three logs and campfire; reads Always room at the campfire for you! Join 4-H.

Alyssa Staley (Junior) Citizenship poster showing a pink house on a green grass lawn beside a pink house on a littered yellow lawn; read Don't litter.