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Youth Complete 4-H Sewing Project

Seven youth completed a 4-H Project on sewing on Thursday, April 5, 2018. The youth did several hands-on activities including pillow cases for a travel size pillow. These projects will be on display at the 2018 Wayne County Fair.

Many thanks to our volunteers (front row) Donna Ferrell, Trish Harris (both CEOS members) and Loretta Wright for lending their expertise today! The youth who participated in 4-H Project Day include (l-r): Josie Parsley, Matthew Crockett, Duke Parsley, Sarah Ferry, Grayson Smith, Addy Smith, and Marah Christian.

2018 4-H Project Day
Wayne County 4-H'ers learn from CEOS members how to sew.

Addy Sewing
Addy Smith sews using a machine.

Learning to Sew
Donna Ferrel teaching Josie Parsley how to sew.

Hand sewing
Grayson Smith and Addy Smith learning how to sew by hand.

Grayson sewing
Grayson learning how to sew with a machine.

Loretta teaching
Loretta teaching about different types of fabrics.