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Healthy Lifestyles Initiative

The Healthy Lifestyles Initiatives is a free program that supports healthy 4-H club meetings across the state. In collaboration with the WVU Extension Healthy Lifestyles Team and statewide health agencies, programs and curriculum are available such as Health Rocks!®

The initiative includes Youth Voice, Youth Choice, tobacco cessation and prevention programs regarding topics such as:

  • Nutrition and Food Prep
  • Physical Fitness
  • Safety
  • Social and Emotional Health
  • Personal Well-being
To learn more, contact Nila Cobb at or 304- 720-9883.

4-H Health Officers

This initiative builds leadership skills of youth and promotes the “Health H”. Each year, youths are selected by their 4-H club members to become a club 4-H Health Officer. County 4-H Officer Training Schools equip these new leaders with a 4-H Club Health Activity Guide and practice in using it effectively. Training is held at County Officer Training Schools. Throughout the 4-H club year, health officers highlight the “Health H” through interactive games, challenges, and discovery activities with 4-H club members. Families receive handouts that reinforce healthy habits. Adult 4-H leaders nurture the young Health Officers, helping them to prepare, organize, and present. Each year, the 4-H Health Initiative focuses on a single health theme. Physical Activity is the new 2018 theme for 4-H Health Officers.

2018 Health Officer Materials

Family Handouts – Physical Activity

Family Handouts – Dental

Use these family handouts on dental health anytime to promote good oral health habits.