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Physical Activity

Four kids running on a track

This program aims to increase health knowledge and motivate 4-H’ers and families to try new health habits and to improve others. This program shows 4-H’ers ways to take part in healthy lifestyle activities and reinforces positive habits they already practice. 4-H youth and their families will learn to make everyday choices that lead to good health such as these specific actions:

  • be more active
  • try to reach physical activity goals
  • try to bust barriers to physical activity
  • limit screen time
  • walk
  • balance food and fun
  • wear protective gear such as a helmet
  • try physical activities you like and can do
  • drink water every day

This 4-H Health Officer activity guide was last used during the 2017-2018 West Virginia 4-H Club year. The information and activities were updated and revised in 2017.

Activity Guide Contents

Life is all about choices. The activity guide provides ideas and information to help 4-H Health Officers with their duties.

The activity guide has the following:
  • Health H Challenge – Goals for 4-H youths and family members to improve daily health practices
  • Roll Call – Ideas to help youths start thinking about the health topic
  • Instant Activities – Quick and easy learning-by-doing activities
  • Nutritious Snack – Foods and drinks to go along with the health activity
  • 4-H Family Handout – Copy and have 4-H’ers take the matching handout home to their parents each month

Health Officer Materials

Family Handouts – Physical Activity

Not available online.