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Communications & Expressive Arts

As a positive youth development organization, 4-H strives to provide research-based curricula and resources for youth programming. The goal of communications and expressive arts activities is to provide a forum for youth to express themselves and learn life skills.

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Meet the Presenters: Jefferson County 4-H'ers Lucy Field & Brynlea Shade - 2021 Presentation Expo Gold Ribbon Winners

Lucy Field & Brynlea Shade Jefferson County Best Friends Bake: Episode 9 Jackpot Drop Cookies

Jefferson County 4-H'ers, Lucy Field and Brynlea Shade, 10, of the Summit Point Busy Bees 4-H Club make up the dynamic duo of the Best Friends Bake Episode 9: Jackpot Drop Cookies visual presentation.

Lucy and Brynlea decided the participate in the 2021 State 4-H Presentation Expo because they wanted to see how their visual presentation skills would do against a wider range of people. They also wanted to get better at speaking for a camera.

Meet the Presenter: Pendleton County 4-H'er Kallie Keyser - 2021 Presentation Expo Gold Ribbon Winner

Kallie Keyser Pendleton County 4-H'er giving here Ready Set Show Visual Presentation as part of the 2021 State 4-H Presentation Expo

Kallie Keyser, 8, is a first year 4-H'er from Pendleton County and is a member of the Upper Tract Producers 4-H Club.

The title of her Visual Presentation for the 2021 State 4-H Presentation Expo is Ready, Set, Show! She chose this presentation topic because she lives with her family on a farm and she loves sheep! She enjoys raising and showing them. Kallie and her sister have been showing sheep at jackpot shows this summer and are having so much fun making memories and meeting new friends! They are also looking forward to going to the fair in August! Kallie encourages her friends, "to get ready, get set, and go show some sheep!!"

Meet the Presenter: Jefferson County 4-H'er Julie Fincham - 2021 Presentation Expo Gold Ribbon Winner

Julie Fincham Jefferson County West Virginia Festivals 2021 State 4-H Presentation Expo Presentation

She has participated in the the presentation contest at the club level for 6 years, but this is the first year she has submitted an entry to her county and state-level contests. She enjoys the opportunity to practice her public speaking skills while participating in a club activity.

The title of her presentation is: West Virginia Festivals. When asked why she choose to do a presentation on this topic, she said "I was really interested in the festivals, and I wanted to learn more about them because I hope to visit some of them." In her presentation, she discusses 5 famous festivals known throughout our state, including:

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