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State 4-H Writing Exhibition


To encourage 4-H members to express their thoughts, feelings, understanding and impressions through written media. Exhibits should compel the observer to feel, think or be inspired by the 4-H member’s interpretation and expression.


Entries must be written by the 4-H member (age 8 by June 30, 2022 up to 21 as of September 30, 2023) during the current 4-H club year.


There are three (3) categories for the 2023 4-H Writing Exhibition: Essay, Short Story, and Poetry.


  • Number of Entries – A 4-H member can enter no more than one entry for each of the three (3) categories in 4-H Writing Exhibition.
  • Length of Entries – Maximum 1,000 words.
  • Original Work – All entries must be written by the 4-H members submitting them. Copying someone else’s work is not appropriate and will not be accepted.
  • Format information – Document should be typed using 12-point font, single-spaced, 1” margins,
    8.5” x 11” size page.
  • Identification – Each entry must have the following information at the top center: Name, County, Age, and category. This information can be inserted into the document’s header.

Displays & Rewards

  • The State 4-H Writing Exhibition will be on display electronically at the State Fair of West Virginia in August.
  • All participants will receive a State Fair ribbon, certificate, and premium ($3.50) for each writing entry.