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Meet the Presenters: Jefferson County 4-H'ers Lucy Field & Brynlea Shade - 2021 Presentation Expo Gold Ribbon Winners

Lucy Field & Brynlea Shade Jefferson County Best Friends Bake: Episode 9 Jackpot Drop Cookies

Jefferson County 4-H'ers, Lucy Field and Brynlea Shade, 10, of the Summit Point Busy Bees 4-H Club make up the dynamic duo of the Best Friends Bake Episode 9: Jackpot Drop Cookies visual presentation.

Lucy and Brynlea decided the participate in the 2021 State 4-H Presentation Expo because they wanted to see how their visual presentation skills would do against a wider range of people. They also wanted to get better at speaking for a camera.

This is the second year they have participated together in this state-level contest. In 2020, they submitted a presentation called, "Best Friends Bake Episode 4: Fancy Schmancy Brownies," which merited a blue ribbon.

They chose to complete a visual presentation in the kitchen because they are both taking the 4-H 101 Cooking Project Book. Their favorite part about their presentation is being able to do it together, since they are best friends.

Did you know? The best part about Jackpot Drop Cookies is that you can put anything you want in them, including your favorite candies! For example, even though Lucy and Brynlea are best friends, they do not have to do everything the same. Lucy chose Oreo chunks for her perfect Jackpot Drop cookies, and Brynlea chose peanut butter chips and M&M's for her Jackpot Drop Cookies. Please join Lucy and Brynlea in their kitchen to learn all about the kitchen tools and ingredients you will need to make your own batch as you watch their presentation.

Their parents told them that getting comfortable with public speaking now would help them when they got older. Their advice about giving a great presentation is, "The more you practice the easier it is and better you will do."

They would like to thank their moms for helping them develop their presentation for this year's expo.

Fun fact: Lucy's favorite pizza topping is cheese and Brynlea's is bacon! Also, Lucy likes tennis and Brynlea likes volleyball.