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2024 My Hands to Larger Service mini-grants available

Youth replacing the floorboards of a porch

For several years the West Virginia 4-H All Stars have generously funded to eleven mini-grants for West Virginia 4-H teens/teen leader groups to assist in the planning and completion of a community service project through the My Hands to Larger Service 4-H Project.

Mini-Grant Application


  • February 1, 2024 – submit the grant application.
  • March 1, 2024 – recipients will be notified.
  • July 1, 2024 – deadline to complete the service projects.
  • July 15, 2024 – deadline to submit the grant PowerPoint slide and final grant report for exhibition at the State Fair of West Virginia.

Applicant criteria:

Teams/clubs may apply for this grant, but a ‘lead’ applicant, meeting the criteria, must be listed.

Youth standing in front of the blessing box that they made for their community
  1. Applicant must be a 4-H member. Adult guidance is encouraged, but this grant should be written by a youth member or team.
  2. Be at least 12 years old as of 10/1/2023.
  3. Have previously completed at least one (1) year of 4-H.
  4. Enrolled in the “ My Hands to Larger Service ” 4-H project book as a resource for selecting and planning a community service project. Youth may sign up for the project in Zsuite on their enrollment for 2023-2024.

Applications will be verified by the county Extension Agent before consideration. The county extension office will receive the check (in the name of a supporting 4-H club or group) and be responsible for the disbursement of funds.

Limitations: Funds cannot be used to purchase items to donate elsewhere (ex. pet food for a local animal shelter), as payment to an individual or group, or for items to benefit the individual/group performing the service (ex. shirts, food, etc.)

Mini-Grant Application Planning:

A youth ironing a pillowcase. A second youth watching and holding a pillowcase.

Questions that will need to be answered in ZSuite in the mini-grant application

  • Title of Project:
  • Lead Applicant Name:* The Lead Applicant’s 4-H ZSuite enrollment will have to include the “My Hands to Larger Service” 4-H project code, or they will not be able to access the application area.
  • E-mail address for communication on this project:
  • 2nd (optional) E-mail address for communication on this project:
  • Is this a team project?
  • If a team project, name of persons/club/team collaborating on the grant:
  • Name of 4-H club, group, or organization that will serve as the fiscal agent:
  • Title of Grant:
  • Brief overview of your community service project:
  • Why does your community need this program or project?
  • Describe the population or target audience to be served.
  • How many individuals will benefit from or be reached by this program?
  • Describe the crew (team) that will assist you in planning and conducting this community service project.
  • Describe how you will keep your stakeholders informed about your project.
  • Describe how you will share your project’s success with the public.
  • Provide a brief timeline for project implementation and completion.
  • Provide a detailed budget for the entire project. Include both expenses and income, including any in-kind contributions/donations.(*Please list OR use a table/chart) **There is a file upload area in ZSuite where you can upload a file with your budget.

Mini-Grant Application

Additional questions about the mini-grant application should be directed to Jenny Murray at or 304-293-7993.