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West Virginia youths engage in citizenship programming through club, camp and afterschool activities. 4-H Citizenship is the knowledge, skills, attitudes and motivation that gives youths the capacity to move beyond one’s individual self-interest and to be committed to the well-being of some larger group. 

Citizenship builds leadership assets in:

  1. civic engagement
  2. civic education
  3. service
  4. personal development

Teen Leader Council grows 4-H Citizenship.

    4-H Teen Leader Council at the State Fair

    4-H Teen Leader Council

    Teen Leader Council members are 4-H program ambassadors who help promote 4-H, plan teen led 4-H activities, and provide leadership on a variety of state 4-H events.

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    Related Citizenship Activities

    Go Beyond Citizenship

    Leadership in local clubs, community service activities, project demonstrations, charting and camping programs all have citizenship components. Youths can delve deeper into these ideas and activities.

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