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4-H Conference

Selection of National 4-H Conference Delegates

The selection process for National 4-H Conference in Washington, D.C. is held during Older Members Conference in June of each year. A West Virginia 4-H Resume must be submitted for consideration to attend.

Delegation size for National 4-H Conference is limited to four (4) delegates. Those scoring the highest in the resume and interview will be eligible to attend.

Who can apply:
Youth delegates must be between 15 and 19 years old.

September 25-27, 2020

National 4-H Conference Center, Washington, D.C. (The 12-acre campus-like setting is operated by 4-H’s private partner – National 4-H Council.)

There is significant cost for this event; however, most of the cost is picked up through scholarship funds. We want to send the best candidates; therefore, cost should not be a factor in applying.

Dress Code:
In general, delegates wear “business casual” attire for daytime events such as assemblies, workshops, and round-table discussions. It’s especially important to wear or bring a pair of comfortable walking shoes. Detailed information on what to wear will be sent to those selected.

Resume Deadline:
Submit your resume by May 10, 2019 to be considered. The interview will be conducted at WVU Jackson’s Mill State 4-H Camp during Older Members’ Conference in June. Participation in the OMC national events workshop is recommended but NOT required. Interviews may be conducted over the phone and even rescheduled for another date if there is a serious reason that the applicant is not available for interview during the week of OMC. We will attempt to do all interviews during OMC week or before. However, interviews conducted after OMC will most likely only be considered for National 4-H Congress.

Mail Resume to:

Rachel Griffith
618 Knapp Hall
P.O. Box 6031
Morgantown, WV 26506-6031

2020 National 4-H Conference Resume Form  Visit the National 4-H Conference Website

Four West Virginia 4-H’ers attended the 4-H National Conference – 2016

2016 4-H Conference Delegates standing in front of capitol building

Applications for consideration for the 2020 National 4-H Conference are due to Rachel Griffith by May 10, 2019. For questions about state and national citizenship events, contact Rachel Griffith ( 304-293-5871).

Photo left to right: Morgan Fling, Abigail Waugh, Mallory Sisler, Anna Loyd, Lisa Montgomery, Denis Scott