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WVU Extension offers free diabetes education classes

Dining with Diabetes - Generational family cutting fresh produce.

West Virginia University Extension will offer three sections of virtual Dining with Diabetes education courses, with the first beginning in April. Dining with Diabetes is a free program that is open to individuals with diabetes or pre-diabetes, their family members and their caregivers.

Dining with Diabetes is a four-week program that will be offered virtually for four consecutive Wednesdays. Classes are offered at varying times of day to provide participants with a time that fits their schedule. Once you register, you'll be given a list of times available, and you can select the one that works best for you. A follow-up class will be scheduled three to four months later. Participants are expected to attend all classes. 

“Diabetes is overwhelming physicians in West Virginia, so very few have time to meet with each of their patients and explain the details of this disease and how to manage it,” said  Gwen Crum, WVU Extension  Family and Community Development agent. “That’s where we come in. We help people learn how diabetes is affecting them and ways to maintain a lifestyle that will help them manage the diagnosis.”

Participants will learn about nutrition, meal planning, exercise and other information about diabetes and how to manage it through engaging discussions and demonstrations. Each participant will receive educational materials and healthy recipes they can make at home.

“When we were finished learning the technicalities, we got to taste the recipes and figure out what we like and what we don’t, I really learned a lot,” said Marlienne Whit, a former participant in the program. “When I started this class, it sparked my mind as to what I can do to help myself. I just wanted to feel better, and I have since taking this class.”

The first installation of Dining with Diabetes will begin in April, but it will also be offered in October and November. Participants interested in the four-week program must  register online by visiting

In-person classes are also available in some counties. To learn if your local WVU Extension office offers in-person courses, or if you have questions about registration, contact your local WVU Extension office.

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