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WVU Extension to offer OSHA machine guarding course

Signage on machinery that reads "Danger. Moving parts can crush and cut. Keep hands clear."

Amputations are among the most severe workplace injuries, often resulting in permanent disability. West Virginia University  Extension  Safety and Health Extension’s  National Resource Center Occupational Safety and Health Training Institute Education Center  will offer the OSHA 2045: Machinery and Machine Guarding course on September 13-16 in Morgantown, West Virginia, to provide the education workers need to help prevent amputations and other life-altering injuries related to machine operation.

“Moving machine parts have the potential to cause serious workplace injuries, such as crushed fingers or hands, amputations, burns or blindness. Safeguards are essential for protecting workers,” Dan Whiteman, WVU Extension industrial hygienist specialist and course instructor, said. “This course will look at sources of amputations and how to safeguard machinery and control employee exposure to hazardous energy (lockout/ tagout) during machine servicing and maintenance activities.”

During the OSHA 2045 course, students will learn about the various types of common machinery, machine safeguards, and related OSHA regulations and procedures. Course topics include machinery processes, mechanical motions, points of operation, control of hazardous energy sources (lockout/tagout), guarding of portable power tools and common OSHA machine guarding violations.

Upon course completion students will have the ability to describe common machine hazards and sources of energy, identify resources for assisting with machine guarding issues, and determine methods of control and hazard abatement, and selection of appropriate machine safeguards. The cost of the course is $750.

“This course is strongly recommended for personnel responsible for machine guarding safety or those who have job duties involving operation, servicing and maintenance of machines and equipment,” Brandon C. Takacs, former WVU Extension Specialist and past National Resource Center OSHA Training Institute Education Center director, said. “It will provide the necessary information to assist those with workplace responsibilities and duties for machine guarding.

To register for the course, visit WVU Extension Safety and Health Extension’s website under OSHA OTIEC. Prospective students may email with any questions about eligibility, payment and registration.

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CONTACT: Hannah Booth
Assistant Director of Marketing & Communications
WVU Extension