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Dance Weekend

State 4-H Contacts:
Jenny Murray and  Don Dransfield and  Alexandra Coffman


To enhance an individual’s awareness of and skills in specific heritage and folk dances. To provide dance learning experiences that will challenge interested 4 H’ers at their skill level. To provide in depth training for 4 H’ers to lead or teach heritage and folk dances.

WHO: 4 H’ers who are in at least 6th grade and 4-H leaders
WHEN: March 10-12, 2017
WHERE: WVU Jackson’s Mill
COST: $90

Pre-registration Dance Class will be honored on a first come, first served basis. Each participant will select their first and second choice for each of the six (6) periods. Please note, if second choice is not marked or any choice at all the State Office will just place you into a class. No scholarships are available for this event. The postmark deadline for pre-registration is Tuesday, January 31, 2017. The participants will pre-register for classes before they arrive for the weekend. A WVU Jackson’s Mill rules sheet should be given to the parents of participants before they pre-register their 4 H’er.

Notice: Chaperone/staff must submit an application and be approved to attend before registering online.

Participants will report to their assigned cottage first. Participants will then report to Harrison Cottage to see the nurse and get a meal ticket. Registration at Jackson’s Mill will start at 6:00pm. 

Each participant receive a letter of confirmation by mail listing their cottage assignment prior to the event. Camp registration begins at 6:00 pm, Friday, March 10; camp closes at 10:30 am, Sunday, March 12.


A special weekend section will include training for adult 4-H leaders interested in returning home to work with an existing dance team or to develop a team in their club or county. Leaders interested in this training will pay the full registration fee of $90. No scholarships are available for chaperones/leader training.


Counties will need to send one chaperone for every  10 campers attending from your county.  Include Registration Form and Health Form for all chaperones.  This person must be designated on a dorm listing sheet, provided by the State 4 H Office. Check with neighboring counties if you need chaperone help. The chaperones will receive a letter prior to camp with a list of expectations. A basic understanding is that the chaperones are expected to remain in camp through the weekend, and to stay in the cottages with the campers. The chaperones will be expected to assist the campers during classes and programs. The Registration and Health form most be completed and have signatures. Counties must have all participant’s and chaperone’s paper Registration and Health form postmarked and mailed by Friday, January 29, 2017 to c/o Dance Weekend, Micalyn Stump, 618 Knapp Hall, PO Box 6031, Morgantown, WV 26506-6031


Request for refunds must be made in writing and faxed, postmarked or emailed to:  Micalyn Stump, 618 Knapp Hall, PO Box 6031, Morgantown, WV 26506-6031, by February 10, 2017. 

NO REFUNDS will be made for no-shows. (There is a $15 refund processing fee. No refunds will be made for amounts less than $15 after deduction of the processing fee).