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4-H Club Volunteer Resources

Strong 4-H Clubs Series

The Strong 4-H Clubs fact sheet series provide 4-H volunteers with current resources to support 4-H club work that enables positive youth development. There are eight topics designed to focus on a specific area of interest to the volunteer. This series is designed to stand alone, providing a quick and accessible resource on the topic; however, they could be used to supplement training.

Strong 4-H Club Topics for Volunteers

National 4-H Peer Reviewed Checkmark of Approval.

The Strong 4-H Clubs Series passed National 4-H Peer Review in February 2022.

Essential Elements of Youth Development

The information shared in Essential Elements provides specific guidance for volunteers who are leading 4-H clubs on one or more of the Essential Elements. These are considered necessary components of youth programs striving to create environments conducive to positive youth development. To dive deeper into the Essential Elements, check out our source material!


  • Positive relationship with a caring adult
  • An inclusive environment
  • A safe environment


  • Opportunity to see oneself as an active participant in the future
  • Opportunity for self-determination


  • Engagement in learning
  • Opportunity for mastery


  • Opportunity to value and practice service for others

Volunteer Research Knowledge & Competencies

The Volunteer Research Knowledge and Competency Taxonomy Model (VRKC) is a research-based taxonomy that identifies volunteers’ competencies to effectively deliver 4-H Youth Development programs and activities.

Based on research from a nationwide study, the original 32 competencies were finalized into 22 measurable skills and six personality characteristics. For each of these 22 measurable skills, a fact sheet, presentation, and training activities were created to assist 4-H professionals nationwide in their volunteer training efforts. 
 Service Project Ideas