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Wood County 4-H Clover Guide

About the Wood County 4-H Clover Guide

The Wood County 4-H Clover Guide is your guide to everything 4-H. This page provides the most up-to-date information on 4-H awards, camps, projects, exhibits, and clubs.

Wood County 4-H Clover Guide

4-H Pledge, 4-H Creed, and 4-H Motto

4-H Age Guideline

See state 4-H page for 4-H member and Cloverbud age guidelines.

West Virginia 4-H Age Requirements

Wood County 4-H Clubs

Wood County 4-H Teen Leaders is a club for 4-H members/teens in grades 6 - 12. Members learn leadership and life skills through participation in county-level leadership and service opportunities. Teen Leaders also work together to plan county level activities and camps. This is a junior leader opportunity, and elected teen leader representatives hold voting seats on the Wood County 4-H Leaders’ Association and Wood County 4-H Camp Trustee Board. This is a fantastic opportunity for teen members to meet other teens throughout the county and gain leadership and communication skills!

See 4-H Calendar for Teen Leader meeting dates and times or call the WVU Extension Office at 304-424-1960. We are also on Facebook – Wood County 4-H Teen Leaders!

Sharp Shooters 4-H Club

The Wood County Sharp Shooters 4-H Club meets on the 3rd Sunday of the month at 2 p.m., at the Wood County 4-H Camp in Mineral Wells.

Membership Requirements

  • Members 9 – 11 years of age can participate in archery or air rifle programs.
  • Members 12 and older can participate in all four disciplines: archery, air rifle, muzzleloader and shotgun.
  • Disciplines taught by state certified instructors.
  • Members can participate in state and regional competitions and camps.
  • 4-H members do not have to be a Sharpshooters 4-H Club member to participate in state level competitive teams.

Bits and Bridles 4-H Horse Club

The Bits and Bridles 4-H Horse Club is a special interest club focused on horses. Horse ownership is not required to participate. This club meets on an event/activity schedule and does not have monthly meetings. For information about club activities and events, contact the WVU Extension Service office at 304-424-1960 or email the WVU Extension Office.

Wood County 4-H Community & Special Interest Clubs

Wood County 4-H Projects

There are hundreds of 4-H projects from which to choose but only two types of projects: Still Projects (non-livestock) and Livestock Projects. Most 4-H Still Projects follow the guidelines on the score sheet or in the record guide. Only a few 4-H Still Projects have a record guide: Leadership, Pet Pals, Cats, and Wiggles and Wags. The Sewing Project is the only Still Project that follows a county-specific set of guidelines (see below). All Livestock Projects have a county-specific set of guidelines. These guidelines are given out at the required Mandatory Livestock Meetings.

Each project area has a chairperson who can assist you with questions about your 4-H projects. Contact the WVU Extension Service office at  304-424-1960 or  email the WVU Extension Office to be connected with your project chairperson. Completed 4-H projects are scored as follows: 90-100 points = Blue Ribbon, 80-89 = Red Ribbon, 70-79 = White Ribbon. The top three (3) scoring projects in each area receive 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place premium ribbons. One Best of Show is offered in each project category. Livestock Projects receive Grand Champion and Reserve Champion awards.

What is a Completed 4-H Project?

A completed 4-H project is worth 100 points and includes three parts:
  1. A completed 4-H project book and record guide or score sheet.
  2. A completed 4-H Activity Record worth 20 points.
  3. A project exhibit at the Wood County 4-H & FFA Summer Showcase July 16-20, 2024 at the Wood County 4-H Camp in Mineral Wells, WV.

Wood County 4-H Still Project Requirements

  1. Follow the project book and exhibit requirements included on your score sheet or in your project record guide with the exception of the Sewing Project. Sewing Project Guidelines
  2. The project book, STILL project record guide, and activity record are ALL due to the Extension Office June 4, 2024. Download the Activity Record to include with your project book.
  3. SELF-DETERMINED PROJECTS must be approved by your 4-H club leader, the 4-H Extension Agent, Jodi Smith, or the 4-H Program Assistant, Lindsey Boso. Self-determined projects must be approved in advance to ensure members understand expectations.

Wood County Livestock Project Requirements

  1. Livestock project guidelines are given out at Mandatory Livestock Meetings. Please contact the WVU Extension office regarding exhibit requirements for Livestock projects.
  2. SELF-DETERMINED LIVESTOCK PROJECTS must be approved by Agriculture Agent J.J. Barrett at  304-424-1960. Self-determined projects must be approved in advance to ensure members understand expectations.
  3. Livestock Members Enrollment Cards are due by January 31, 2024, and no later than the last Mandatory Livestock Meeting to take a live animal to the Summer Showcase. Enrollments dated after Mandatory Livestock Meetings must exhibit a poster and will not be permitted to exhibit a live animal. This project becomes a STILL project (see above).
  4. Livestock project books and activity records are due June 4, 2024. Livestock record guides are due July 26, 2024. Download the Activity Record to include with your project book.
  5. ALL Wood County Youth Livestock members must attend at least three 4-H Club or three FFA meetings to be eligible to sell livestock at the Junior Livestock Sale. Only active members in good standing can participate in the Livestock Sale.
      1. A 4-H/FFA member may meet the attendance requirement by attending 4-H club meetings, club and county service projects, club and county fund-raisers, FFA Chapter meetings, fund-raisers, service projects, and 4-H and FFA Ham and Bacon Show.
  6. Selling market animal projects in the Wood County Junior Livestock Sale at the Summer Showcase is a privilege, not a right. If exhibitors do not want to sign a Livestock Contract and follow the rules, they can still exhibit their 4-H and FFA market animals at the Showcase but will not participate in the sale. FFA and 4-H members may contact the FFA Advisor or Agriculture Agent to come out to the farm to judge their animal projects to complete their 4-H project or FFA Record Book. Please contact J.J. Barrett at the WVU Extension Wood Office with any questions at  304-424-1960 or the FFA Advisor at the Parkersburg South Tech Center at 304-420-9501.

Earn a 4-H Project Medal and/or Pin

A 4-H member MUST complete a project medal and/or pin application and meet the following criteria to be eligible to receive a medal and/or pin at the county 4-H Awards Ceremony.
  • Project Medal – Must have completed two years in the project.
  • Bronze Project Pin – Must have completed two years in the project and a club and county visual presentation in project area.
  • Silver Project Pin – Must have completed three years in the project and a club and county visual presentation in project area.
  • Gold Project Pin – Must have completed two-three years in the project and a club, county, and state visual presentation in project area.
Members may apply for both a medal and the highest-level pin for which they qualify. Project Medal/Pin forms can be completed online or on a paper copy. Club leaders receive copies of the applications.

What will you need to know to complete the medal application?
  1. All major 4-H activities completed, and awards received for the project
  2. What you learned from the project
  3. When and where a visual presentation was given on the project (if applicable for pins, not medals)
  4. Leader/Agent signatures to verify visual presentations (if applicable for pins, not medals)
  5. Exhibit your project at the Summer Showcase

Track Your Community Service Hours

Each 4-H member is eligible to receive county level recognition for community service, or if eligible, a Presidential Service Award for completing a required number of hours of community service (see chart below). A record of community service hours must be turned into the WVU Extension Office no later than July 21, 2023 (end of Showcase week). Be sure to include the date, group, description of service activity, and number of hours for each activity. You can complete your hours online or on a printable community service log.

Presidential Service Award Hours
Hours by Award
Bronze     Silver
Kids (ages 5-10)
Teens (ages 11-15)
Young Adults (ages 16-25)

Wood County 4-H Cloverbuds

Cloverbuds do not take 4-H projects; they participate in age-appropriate activities in their clubs. They may do an exhibit for the Wood County 4-H & FFA Summer Showcase as an individual or as part of a club group. Cloverbuds do not compete and receive Cloverbud ribbons.

Wood County 4-H Camps

State & National 4-H Camp Dates & Scholarships

4-H members must be currently enrolled and in good standing in Wood County 4-H to be eligible for these scholarships. Wood County 4-H Leaders' Association will provide a half scholarship per camper for one week-long state 4-H camp. State Camps not listed will be considered by request.

Older Member Conference

Alpha I

Alpha II

Citizenship Washington Focus
This is a National 4-H Conference opportunity provided annually in West Virginia. The Wood County 4-H Leaders' Association will pay 1/2 of the registration after state scholarships for the first 3 registered Wood County 4-H members. If more than 3 members register, the 4-H Leaders will vote on the amount they will pay.

Other State, National, International, or Out-of-State Events and Competitions
Request for any event not listed above must be made in the form of a written letter to the Wood County 4-H Leaders’ Association. Decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis. The Leaders’ Association will determine the amount paid based on state and national scholarships, club scholarships, and other donations. 

In the event of a cancellation by the 4-H member, if a cancellation fee is charged, that will be paid by the 4-H member.
State 4-H Camps