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West Virginia Afterschool Network

The West Virginia Statewide Afterschool Network works to increase access and improve quality of afterschool and summer learning programs for all school-age youth.

Learn more about our work in West Virginia.

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Million Girls Moonshot

Allowing girls to envision themselves as future innovators, and increase the quality of out-of-school STEM learning opportunities for all young people.

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STEM at Home

We’ve compiled a collection of great and easy STEM activities you can try with your family to introduce your children to a variety of STEM skills.

The West Virginia Statewide Afterschool Network (WVSAN) works to support the capacity and sustainability of afterschool and summer learning programs across the state. A part of the 50 State Afterschool Network, funded in part by the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, WVSAN partners with state agencies, schools, child care, higher education, communities, families and other stakeholders to ensure that West Virginia youth have access to quality out-of-school time programs. 

Afterschool & Summer Learning 

Afterschool and summer learning programs in West Virginia operate at the nexus of schools, families and communities to expand learning opportunities for all kids by complementing the school day and helping families balance work and life.

Afterschool programs accelerate kids' academic growth and support their well-being and decades of research proves students who regularly participate in quality, well-designed afterschool and summer opportunities:

  • Make gains in reading and math
  • Improve school attendance, work habits, and grades
  • Have higher graduation rates
  • Gain self-control and build healthy relationships
  • Explore career paths and gain workforce skills 
Learn more about afterschool in West Virginia.

Learn More About WVSAN Opportunities

About WVSAN: West Virginia Afterschool Network.

About Us

Learn more about WVSAN and the ways it supports and enhances afterschool programs in WV.

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Connecting Kids to Coverage

Explore this initiative with Think Kids WV to enroll children to receive health coverage through Medicaid and CHIP.

A laptop displays PolicyMap website that serves as a WV Afterschool Network Clearinghouse.

Data Mapping

Utilizing PolicyMap, out-of-school-time program locations are mapped and community needs can be visually identified through data overlays. 

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Family Engagement

Learn about the importance of the practice of family engagement in afterschool programs.

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West Virginia Afterschool Program Standards designed to assist in evaluating programs strengths and needs.

A group of multiracial kids in a school lab work on an afterschool STEM project.

STEM Afterschool

Discover STEM programming opportunities available through WVSAN and its partners.

Contact the West Virginia Statewide Afterschool Network

Main Office: 304-720-9884

West Virginia Statewide Afterschool Network
900 Virginia Street E, 3rd Floor
Charleston, WV 25301