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STEM at Home

What is STEM?

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math – four of the fastest growing sectors in our economy!

STEM careers are large and varying. They include industries from health to entertainment to animals to government. Workers in STEM solve some of the largest problems that our world is facing today by researching data, analyzing the facts, collaborating with teammates, staying curious, and always seeking answers.

Unfortunately, as STEM moves forward it is leaving large swaths of people behind, including African American, Indigenous, and Latino populations, and women and LGBTQ individuals. But in the last decade, there have also been more and more programs created to fix this disparity.

Why is STEM Important for OUR Kids?

Life Skills! STEM programs teach children skills they will use their whole lives. STEM subjects cultivate problem-solving habits like experimenting and checking assumptions against evidence. Additionally, STEM learning hones relevant, real-life observation and analysis skills for young people.

Employment! By 2022 there will be nine million more STEM jobs available! It is expected that jobs in STEM will only keep growing and will become crucial parts of many industries. A STEM career is a safe and stable choice so helping our children explore STEM careers and build essential skills can benefit them far into adulthood.

Compensation! Wages in STEM are expected to keep rising over the next 5-year period. Wages have increased yearly for people who have received STEM certifications and degrees. Nationwide, STEM workers earn 26% more than non-STEM workers.

How can I Help My Children Explore STEM?

A young girl looks at a molecular diagram.

Are you interested in introducing STEM activities to your children? By introducing these educational activities at an early age, you can help form foundations for future careers and build up valuable skills.

We’ve compiled a collection of great and easy STEM activities you can try with your family to introduce your children to a variety of STEM skills.

We have a list of STEM activities you can try at home!