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STEM-CARE is dedicated to fostering growth mindset in the youths of West Virginia.  Currently, our team is working to train individuals in design-based learning and growth mindset curriculum. If you are a 3rd to 5th grade teacher or afterschool provider working with grades 3-5, if you are interested in bringing growth mindset to your community, or if you want more information about how STEM-CARE can help you foster growth mindset in the youth of West Virginia, please sign up online. 

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Instilling a growth mindset in West Virginia's youth.

What is STEM-CARE?

STEMCARE - Turning possibilities into opportunities for West Virginia youth. STEM-CARE is a collaboration between Mylan and West Virginia University to develop and implement programming to instill a growth mindset in West Virginia’s youths through personal application of problem-solving skills gained from science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). No matter the issue at hand, students will grow in their confidence and intellect, ultimately making them more curious, active, resilient and engaged (CARE).

What is growth mindset?

Growth mindset is the understanding that people can improve their abilities and intelligence through dedication, practice and hard work. It refers to growth and development, such as learning from mistakes, not just “trying harder.”

Why is growth mindset important?

Children’s beliefs about their intelligence directly affect their success. Children with a growth mindset understand that challenges are opportunities to grow and making mistakes is an important part of learning. Because of this, they are much more likely to enjoy learning and reach higher levels of achievement.

The good news is research shows that the brain changes and develops throughout life, a concept called neuroplasticity. We can generate and strengthen connections in the brain when we work hard to solve a problem or learn something new.

Watch a video of Ohio County 4-H'ers exploring STEM-CARE growth-mindset activities.

Parents and teachers can instill a growth mindset in children in several ways ...

  • Model a growth mindset. It is important for adults to model a growth mindset and use growth mindset terminology.
  • Intelligence is like a muscle; it grows stronger with training. Explain to children that the brain can get stronger and smarter, the more they work it.
  • Celebrate mistakes. It turns out that making mistakes, reflecting on the thinking behind the mistakes, trying new strategies, asking for feedback or additional resources and correcting our mistakes is one of the very best ways our brains learn.
  • Harness the power of the word “yet.” If a child says, “I can’t figure this out,” reply with “You haven’t figured it out yet. What could you try next?”
  • Praise the process (not the person). When we focus our praise on the learning process, children are empowered to keep trying. Try saying, “Great job! You must have worked really hard on that.” or “I like the way you tried different strategies to solve that problem.”

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Why is Mylan involved?

As a global pharmaceutical company whose mission has been focused on creating better health since its founding, Mylan hopes to help provide opportunities for West Virginia’s children to embrace a brighter tomorrow and make a difference in their home state. Mylan tackles problems every day, like access to medicine for 7 billion people around the globe, and believes that similar problem-solving skills can help students face challenges in school, at home or in their community.

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A collaboration between West Virginia University and Mylan.