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Next Up

Whether you’re just starting high school or that episode is about to end, you’re going to hit graduation day with a ton of options in front of you. Curious about which episode you’ll play next? The one where you take a job? The one where you go off to trade school or college? Or the one where you write the perfect novel, paint a new masterpiece or start an awesome business?

Next Up makes it easy to engage with experts all over West Virginia to ask anything you want to know about life after high school. It’s a project designed to help teens like you take an active approach to exploring their future with knowledge, confidence and resiliency. We’re tackling big questions for high schoolers, like “What classes should I be taking if I want to become a doctor?” Or “How is STEM used in the military?” And even things like “What skills do I need to become an electrician?” Next up? That’s up to you. All you have to do is submit your video question – it can be anything you want to know about life after high school – then we’ll send your submission to an expert in your field from right here in West Virginia. They’ll record a response, we’ll match you together and then we’ll post your Q&A with the expert on YouTube and the STEMCARE website. So, grab your phone or hop on the nearest computer, record your question about what’s next up for you and submit it.

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Videos from the Series

This YouTube playlist contains all STEMCARE videos from the Next Up with WVU Tech series. To access other videos, click the top right corner of the YouTube video to see the rest of the videos.