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Burkey & Mary Lou Lilly Scholarship

Deadline: March 31

A new, online scholarship submission form is being developed. Please check back in February 2019.

This endowment fund shall provide a scholarship to one regularly enrolled WVU student with a 2.5 average or better from Monongalia, Summers or Mercer counties in WV and how is majoring in any undergraduate program, excluding social sciences.  First preference shall be for a student who comes from a family farm as defined by the state Department of Agriculture, or who is an active member of a 4-H club in one of the prior mentioned counties and who will enroll in four years of military service.  A student who is a recipient one year is eligible for consideration in any other year provided they continue to meet the selection criteria outlined in this agreement.

The Donors’ preference is to award the scholarship to the same student for four consecutive years, if possible.  Recipients shall be determined by the appropriate officials of WVU Extension Service on consultation with the WVU Office of Student Financial Aid.