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Global Citizenship

As youths grow, they often have questions about their place in the world. By helping youths connect the dots between local and global issues, youths gain a greater sense of place in their own lives.

Through global citizenship programs, youths engage in learning opportunities that give them a heightened sense of responsibility and capacity to connect as active members of their communities, nation and world.

Youths participate in diversity and intercultural communication programming through internationally themed camps, club events and community service projects.

WVU 4-H programs offer global citizenship curriculum, international camper cultural exchanges and global learning adventures to bring the world to West Virginia so that youth can think globally while acting locally.

To learn more about WVU 4-H Global Citizenship, contact Tina Cowger.

Global Education Skill-a-Thons

Since 2010, WVU Extension faculty have worked to create, edit and format a diverse set of educational lessons for youth and adults alike.

Each subject area features a series of skill-a-thons that apply the experiential learning model where youth learn by doing, followed by reflecting and applying what was learned. In total, the curriculum features 37 skill-a-thons.