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Extension Camping Instructors

Camp Instructor Overview

The 4-H Extension Camp Instructor Program is designed to enhance the development of young people through proven experiential-based training. As a side benefit of the program, these young people form a well-trained cadre of leaders who can provide assistance to county and state 4-H camps and other educational Extension events and activities.

Camp Instructor Goals

  • To provide leadership development opportunities for young adults serving in the program.
  • To increase Extension Camp Instructors’ knowledge about and ability to deliver educational programs for youth and adults.
  • To provide support to state and county 4-H camping and other educational Extension programs.

Why should I be a 4-H Extension Camp Instructor?

The 4-H Extension Camp Instructor program is an opportunity to build on your 4-H or other youth organization experience by sharing your talents and energy with 4-H members, parents and volunteers in counties across the state.

You will gain valuable life skills and develop leadership skills by practicing problem-solving and communication techniques. Your training and experiences as a 4-H Extension Camp Instructor will give you skills and experience you need to compete in today’s job market.

What is expected of a 4-H Extension Camp Instructor?

4-H Extension Camp Instructors are seen as solid role models for young people, demonstrating fourfold development through their abilities to collaborate with 4-H agents, leaders, and youth in the design and delivery of camps and other educational programs. Completing a week-long training program followed by a full summer of on-the-job practice will result in demonstrated competency in the following areas:

  1. Understand one’s own strengths, limitations, and motivators.
  2. Develop a professional identity as a competent leader and facilitator.
  3. Appreciate and value the diverse perspectives, experiences, and identities of campers and volunteers.
  4. Communicate effectively.
  5. Guide others in gaining greater personal and social awareness.
  6. Integrate appropriate recreational and educational programs into the design and delivery of camps and other Extension programs.
  7. Comply with current state and national camping guidelines.
  8. Exemplify fourfold development in the areas of head, heart, hands, and health.

Apply to be a Camp Instructor

In addition, 4-H Extension Camp Instructors are expected to:

  • Gain knowledge of the breadth and depth of West Virginia’s 4-H camp traditions and songs.
  • Uphold WVU Extension mission, policies, and values regarding youth development and respect for diversity.
  • Be able to rise early, go to bed late, and remain enthusiastic all day long.
  • Develop flexibility amid changing roles and responsibilities.
  • To be an agent of positive youth development.


WVU Extension, in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, requests that individuals needing reasonable accommodations in the application process contact the WVU Extension Human Resources Office in person or by mail at: 407 Knapp Hall, PO Box 6031, Morgantown, WV 26506-6031, or by telephone at 304-293-8613.