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State 4-H Day

State 4-H Days allow youth to participate in a variety of state level educational activities that develop their subject matter knowledge, leadership skills, and life skills.

The events and activities offered on the WVU Jackson’s Mill Campus provide a rich, educational venue for 4-H contests, demonstrations, educational classes, and exhibits as well as a forum for young people to showcase their communication skills through competition in visual presentations, PowerPoint or digital presentations, and public speaking.

This year’s events include:

  • Visual Presentations

  • PowerPoint Digital Presentations

  • Public Speaking

  • 4-H Creed Contest

  • 4-H CloverBot Lego Challenge (teams of 2-6)

  • 4-H Lego Robotics Challenge (teams of 3-10)

  • Youth Agriculture Seminars – cancelled due to low enrollment

  • Shooting Sports Youth/Adult Archery Fun Shoot (youth/adult team) – cancelled due to low enrollment

  • Creative Arts Hands-On Activities – cancelled due to low enrollment

Schedule of Events 

Quote from 2012 Competitor Parent

“If we were feeling a bit burned out with 4-H trying to get all of the projects ready for grading and fair exhibits finished, State 4-H Days inspired us once more. We had a great time with great people! The talent we saw was amazing and the learning that took place this weekend can not be measured. Experiences such as this will help these kids all through life. The WVU Staff are wonderful, the Extension Camping Instructors were right there teaching, guiding, and encouraging all weekend, and the other competitors were gracious and genuine with their compliments and congratulations. HOW HOW to the WV 4-H Program!”


Visual Presentation Contest Rules
  • Visual Presentation Score Sheet
  • Tips for 4-H Visual Presentations (4pp)
Public Speaking Contest Rules
  • Public Speaking Score Sheet
PowerPoint/Digital Presentation Contest Rules
  • PowerPoint/Digital Presentation Score Sheet