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4-H Volunteer Retreat

WV 4-H Volunteer Retreat

State 4-H Contact: Nancy Yates

The purpose of this weekend is to provide leadership training and recognition for West Virginia 4-H Volunteers and West Virginia 4-H All Stars.

We will focus on the enhancement of leadership abilities and skills for working with the 4-H program as an adult.

The 4-H All Star Consecration Ceremony Recognition program will also be held this weekend.


WV 4-H Volunteers, All Stars, Adult Leaders, and Alumni (18 years or older) who serve, or want to learn more about serving, as volunteers with the West Virginia 4-H program.


Friday, September 20, 2024 - Sunday, September 22, 2024


WVU Jackson's Mill


$75. Includes dorm lodging (cottage) and meals for the entire weekend. Participants must contact Jackson’s Mill for private lodging and will pay Jackson’s Mill directly for upgrades. Contact Jackson’s Mill at (304) 269-5100.

If your Retreat Fee is being covered, or partially covered, by your county or a scholarship, please choose "Submit and Pay Later" when completing your registration.

Check payments should be made out to West Virginia University and mailed to:

Nancy Yates
PO Box 6031
618 Knapp Hall
Morgantown, WV 26506

Please include "Volunteer Weekend" in the memo line of the check.

If you need to arrange other forms of payment please email Nancy Yates.

*Discover Cards are not accepted.


The 2024 registration information for this event has yet to be announced. 

Event Details

The 4-H flag and American flag wave outside the Mt. Vernon Dining Hall

The full conference program includes leadership learning sessions/workshops, WV 4-H All Star business meeting, ideas for 4-H club meetings and activities, leader recognition, informative speakers, Council Circle, reflections, fellowship and fun.

The program is designed especially for adult 4-H volunteers to enhance the lives of youth across WV, and to acknowledge the tireless efforts of our volunteers!

It is an excellent opportunity for leaders to learn about the 4-H program, gain leadership skills, get new program ideas, make new friends, assist in discussing future plans and renew enthusiasm for the 4-H program!

Weekend Schedule


  • 4:30 - 8 p.m.
    • Registration | Assembly Hall Porch
  • 5:30 - 6:30 p.m.
    • Dinner (Buffet Style) | Mt. Vernon Dining Hall
  • 6:30 p.m.
    • Welcome & Opening Activity | *Need Location*
  • 7:30 p.m.
    • All Star Business Meeting | Assembly Hall
    • Perspectives & Blind Spots | WV Building
  • 9:30 p.m.
    • Snacks (S'mores Bar) & Reflections | STEAM Building (Shay & Committee)


Silent Auction opens at 8 a.m. in the Assembly Hall

Silent Auction will end 15 minutes after Trivia concludes.


  • 8:00 a.m.
    • Breakfast | Mt. Vernon Dining Hall
  • 9:00 a.m.
    • Closing Assembly
      • Singing moment
      • Reflections/Memorial Ceremony | Assembly Hall (Shay & Committee)
      • Helping Youth Thrive
      • Door Prizes
  • 10:00 a.m.
    • Safe Travels Home

Projects & Workshops

  • Mountain Food Bank Service Project
    • Participants will leave Jackson’s Mill and travel to the Mountain Food Bank in Weston, WV, to help organize and sort food for distribution.
  • Teaching Folk Dancing - Lewis County Senior Center
    • Participants will leave Jackson’s Mill and travel to the Lewis County Senior Center in Weston, WV, to teach folk dancing to area seniors.
  • Outdoor Club Activities
    • Nature is important to youth's development in every way - intellectually, emotionally, socially, spiritually, and physically. Learn about the importance of nature in a child's life, as well as outdoor activities for 4-H club meetings.
  • How can 4-H prepare members for post-secondary success?
    • This workshop will focus on encouraging volunteers to help youth choose projects and activities that will help them build skills for the future. Leaders will also learn how to write a great recommendation letter for 4-H members and discuss the importance of the Charting program and Leadership Scholarship at WVU.
  • Being Mindful
    • The 4-H Mindful Mechanics program aims to promote mindful practices for adults and teens that lead to improvements in managing one’s own goals, developing a sense of self, time management, stress management, emotional regulation, and mindful eating practices. Workshop participants will engage in several mindful practices that they can use personally or teach to older 4-H youth.
  • Finding Your Leadership Style
    • Explore common leadership styles and see how each style can affect a group accomplishing a goal. Learn what style you identify with most and how to use it effectively when working with youth.
  • WVU Storybook STEM 2023 Lesson for Cloverbuds and Younger 4-H’ers
    • In this workshop, volunteers will be provided a storybook with integrated STEAM activity perfect for club meetings with Cloverbud and younger 4-Hers (grades K-5). This workshop will include free resources and training on the hands-on activity and growth mindset.(New book and activity for 2023).
  • Historic Area Tour and Milling Demo
    • Take a tour of Jackson’s Mill Historic Area and watch a milling demonstration.
  • Junior Master Gardener Overview
    • Learn a brief overview of all Junior Master Gardener curriculums and do hands-on lessons from different curriculums. Topics covered include: Learn, Grow, Eat and Go Early Childhood; Learn, Grow, Eat and Go; Wildlife Gardener; Literature in the Garden; and JMG Core Curriculum.
  • Hands to Larger Service: Helping Youth Plan a 4-H Service Project
    • Volunteers will be introduced to Discovery Topics to help club plan and implement a service project in their community.
  • Narcan Training
    • Narcan is an easy-to use medication that reverses an opioid overdose. With the growing opioid epidemic and a high number of fatal overdoses in West Virginia, everyone should receive this training. You could save a life.
  • VRKC - Volunteer Competencies Workshop
    • A workshop designed to introduce volunteers to the Volunteer Research Knowledge and Competency Taxonomy.  Introduces the skills and knowledge that volunteers have identified as necessary to the requirements of their 4-H duties.  This will feature an interactive lesson on Positive Youth Development.
  • Climbing Wall
    • Try out Jackson’s Mill’s own Tango Tower Climbing Wall.
  • Walking Tour of Jackson’s Mill (Main Campus)
    • Take a walking tour around parts of the main campus of Jackson’s Mill and learn about its history.
  • Creek Clean-Up Service Project
    • Participants should expect to be on the banks and in the West Fork River to clean up the environment. Dress accordingly.
  • Jackson’s Mill Clean-Up Service Project
    • Participants will complete various hands-on projects at the discretion of the director of Jackson’s Mill.  Wear old clothes.
  • Little Free Library Build Service Project
    • Participants will build a few little free libraries that will be distributed to county 4-H programs for installation in local communities.
  • Club Chartering & Club Management in ZSuite
    • Learn how ZSuite can be used to your advantage! This workshop will focus on how to keep your club chartering up-to-date and how to manage club files using ZSuite.
  • WV 4-H Charting
    • The WV 4-H program was outlined in the 4-H Chart by W.H. Kendrick between 1916-1920. The goal is to encourage 4-Hers to see themselves as they are and to help them plan their goals and future. This session will provide a history of the Charting program and train volunteers on how to facilitate the Charting program in their counties.
  • 4-H Shooting Sports
    • Everything you ever wanted to know about WV 4-H Shooting Sports, including how to become a shooting sports volunteer, start a shooting sports program in your county, funding options for shooting sports equipment, and much more.
  • Recruitment Bootcamp
    • This workshop will highlight everyday things that volunteers can do to help recruit new 4-H volunteers, such as honing your communication and active listening skills and extending invitations to potential volunteers. It will also give ideas for how to work with county agents to formally and informally recruit new volunteers.
  • Tomahawk Throwing
    • Try your hand at throwing tomahawks, knives, and hatchets.
  • Folk Dancing
    • Take a turn around the dance floor with your favorite 4-H folk dances.
  • Club Finances
    • Participants will discuss the Financial Management Guide and how it applies to club management.  The session will cover the basics of financial best practices, setting up club financial information (EIN, bank account, etc.), fundraising, and oversight requirements by WVU.
  • LifeSmarts Competitions
    • LifeSmarts teaches middle and high school-aged youth financial and consumer literacy through fun and engaging activities. Learn more about the LifeSmarts program and competitions. Discuss ways to organize this program for 4-H audiences and grow the program in West Virginia.
  • ATV Safety
    • In this session, volunteers will be introduced to the “golden rules” of ATV safety, including the use of proper safety equipment and safe riding practices. Participants will engage in several games and activities that can be shared with youth populations.
  • What's Your Language of Appreciation?
    • Learn about the Five Languages of Appreciation, take a quiz to discover your most and least preferred languages, and learn the importance of sharing this information with your co-workers and county leaders.
  • Lending Library for Educators and Club Leaders
    • Learn what resources are available to you through WVSU's Lending Library! This free program offers a variety of materials and equipment that both formal and informal educators can "check out" to supplement their classroom or youth group. Items vary and include themed Discovery Boxes, a digital star lab, an augmented reality sandbox, sewing machines, and more. Participants will also see a Discovery Box and will get to complete a corresponding hands-on activity.
  • Bicycling
    • Enjoy a ride around the campus of Jackson’s Mill with others.


Refunds can be requested until September 12th but will incur a $25.00 processing fee which will be withheld from the refund. Refunds can take up to 10 weeks to be processed and may come in the form of a pre-paid Visa card mailed directly to the registrant.

Cancellations and request for refunds must be emailed to Nancy Yates.

There will be no refunds for no shows.