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Members Encouraged to Participate in Spring Conference

The State CEOS Program is planning a virtual conference scheduled for April 19-23 being offered through Zoom. Registration is required and this will be offered to the public for free. Wayne County CEOS members are encouraged to participate. Below is the conference schedule and sessions planned.

Community Educational Outreach Service

Spring Virtual Conference Videos

Symbols associated with West Virginia on the map of the state with multicolored text that reads: West Virginia.

Recorded Sessions

  • Please click on each video to watch the session you want to see.
  • Closed Captioning is available for each video by clicking the CC button in the bottom right of the videos.
  • You should also see a Chat Messages tab that you can click to see all the chat box messages. This is only available in the Zoom videos.
  • The numbering to the right of the Chat messages is the time stamp to which the chat box messages were sent during the recording.
  • Please enjoy watching or re-watching our virtual conference.

Recorded Videos