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Members Encouraged to Participate in Spring Conference

The State CEOS Program is planning a virtual conference scheduled for April 19-23 being offered through Zoom. Registration is required and this will be offered to the public for free. Wayne County CEOS members are encouraged to participate. Below is the conference schedule and sessions planned.

Milling Around West Virginia with

Community Educational Outreach Service

Virtual Spring Conference

April 11-13, 2023

Symbols associated with West Virginia on the map of the state with multicolored text that reads: West Virginia.
Register online for free and receive the Zoom link for the entire 3-day conference


Tuesday, April 11

10 a.m. Book Club Basics: Getting Involved in the CEOS Book Club Series – The Indigo Girl by Natasha Boyd (F)

Margaret Miltenberger, CEOS Agent Advisor and WVU Extension Agent, Mineral County

Join the local CEOS Book to learn how it works. We will be discussing the book "The Indigo Girl" by Natasha Boyd (F)

11 a.m. What is NVON? Understanding the Big Picture

Margaret Miltenberger, CEOS Agent Advisor and WVU Extension Agent, Mineral County

Participants will learn about the connection of the WVCEOS with the National Volunteer Network (NVON), Projects in Common, and state and national leadership opportunities. The Associated Country Women of the World and the Country Women’s Council USA will also be discussed. This is timely as West Virginia prepares to host the NVON conference in Parkersburg, July 18-20, 2022.

1 p.m. The Perfect Buds - Intro to Floral Design

Jesica Streets, WVU Extension Agent, Tucker County; Natasha Harris, WVU Extension Agent, Upshur County

Join Tasha and Jes to learn the basic principles of floral design while using flowers from your backyard. 

2 p.m. Jackson's Mill at 100: A Century of Growing Forward

Joe Obidzinski, WVU Extension Program Coordinator, Lewis County

Participants will learn the history of Jackson's Mill from the plantation home of the Jackson family to its foundation at the nation's first state 4-H camp. Learn how it has worked toward realizing its vision as the home of both 4-H and the WVU Extension. Join us for a FUN hour of stories and pictures.

Wednesday, April 12

10 a.m. 2023 Lesson: Coal Town to Tourist Town: West Virginia’s New Elk River Trail System

Ami Cook, WVU Extension Agent – Braxton and Clay Counties

11 a.m. Hearts of Gold Service Dogs - Abigail McElwee and Anne Russell

WVU Research Corporation – ANRD Animal and Nutritional Sciences

Hearts of Gold is a service dog training program providing service dogs for individuals with mobility impairment and/or post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Partnering with the School of Animal and Veterinary Sciences and Interdisciplinary Curriculum of West Virginia University, the program offers university courses in service dog training, is developing research activities and provides many other services to the community.

1 p.m. 2023 Lesson: Point Pleasant: Land of History and Mystery

John Wickline, WVU Extension Program Assistant – Harrison County

2 p.m. Suicide awareness/prevention - Question, Persuade, Refer Gatekeeper Training,

David Roberts, WVU Extension Agent – Lincoln County; Ami Cook, WVU Extension Agent – Braxton and Clay Counties and Tim Sayre, WVU Extension Agent – Putnam County

Anyone can learn the 3 steps to help prevent Suicide.  Come join us help raise awareness and reduce the stigma around suicide. This 1-Hour training will help you; Recognize the warning signs of suicide, Know how to offer hope, Know how to get help and save a life.

Thursday, April 13

10 a.m. Making Charcuterie Boards

Andy Hoover, WVU Extension Agent, Greenbrier County

This workshop will show you the basics of making charcuterie.  What is needed, how to fill a board, presentation, nutrition and food safety. 

11 a.m. 2023 Lesson: Discovering Pakistan

Maria Zikar, CEOS International Student 22-23 and Denis Scott, WVU Extension Specialist

1 p.m. Bunny Wreath Craft Class

Rena Lawrence, CEOS Member Harrison County

Bunny Wreath Materials to make Bunny Wreath

Materials needed:

  • From Dollar Tree: 10 inch foam wreath, Bunny Paws come in a package of 10, Ribbon, Pom Poms for tail (optional), Bunny Headband
  • From Hobby Lobby: 2 pink or white Boas $3.99 each (or "Blanket" Yarn)
  • Or find your local craft store and compromise with Easter materials available 
  • Also, a glue gun and scissors are needed.

2 p.m. That’s a Wrap: Sustainable Gift Solutions Craft Class

Sydney Keener, WVU Extension Communications Specialist and Madison Bowers, WVU Extension Communications Graduate Assistant

gifts wrapped in a sustainable way

This session will go over creative ways to wrap gifts for any occasion in a more eco-friendly way. From reusing old newspaper to decorating your gifts with herbs, there are so many ways to present your gifts in beautiful and sustainable ways.