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Aaron A. Ondo, M.S.

Associate Professor – Institute for Labor Studies & Research

Aaron Ondo’s research interests include workplace safety and health issues and the dynamic interplay between labor unions and companies as both strive to keep workers safe while on and off the job.

Professor Ondo has taught safety and health classes for both union and non-union workforces encompassing a wide variety of OSHA standards and designed curriculum for specialized courses including industrial hygiene, respiratory protection, fall protection, and permit-required confined spaces. His teaching and curriculum design experience also includes effective communication and traditional labor studies foundational classes including steward training and collective bargaining.

Professor Ondo serves as a liaison on the executive board of the West Virginia Alliance for Retired Americans (a group comprised solely of union retirees focused on improving the lives of all working and retired persons) and coordinates the annual Postal Labor Unions Summer School educational event.

Expertise:  Occupational Health, Occupational Safety, Occupational Hygiene, Industrial Hygiene, OSHA Construction, OSHA,  General Industry,  Labor Unions, Private Sector


  • M.S., West Virginia University
  • B.A., West Virginia University


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