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CEOS Fall Conference Sessions

2021 CEOS Fall Virtual Conference Recorded Sessions

  • Please click on each video to watch the session you want to see.  Other videos will be added as they are captioned for accessibility.
  • Once you hit the play button, you will notice to the right of the video, that there is an Audio Transcript already selected for most videos.
  • You should also see a Chat Messages tab that you can click to see all the chat box messages.
  • The numbering to the right of the messages is the time stamp to which the chat box messages were sent during the recording.
  • Please enjoy watching or re-watching our virtual conference. 
  • We would appreciate you filling out the conference evaluation below at least once for us. This is very helpful to WVU Extension and the Community Leadership Academy in planning and improving future virtual conferences. Thank you!

Conference Evaluation Form

(fill out as many times as needed for each video)

Tuesday, October 5

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