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Community Educational Outreach Service Conference

WVU Extension Service - Helpful Hands of Community Educational Outreach Service.CEOS Fall Virtual Conference

“Helpful Hands of CEOS” will come together virtually this Fall with your fellow CEOS members for the Annual Fall Leadership and Enrichment Conference! The 2021 State CEOS Conference will be held virtually starting on October 5 at 10 a.m. with an opening introduction of the conference followed with classes starting at 11 a.m., and ending on Thursday, October 21, with the closing of the conference at 3 p.m. Registration will remain open through the conference and is free for everyone. All sessions will be recorded and posted to the CEOS Fall Conference website following the end of the conference. You will be able to watch anything you might have missed or re-watch any of the ones you would like watch again. Classes will be offered four times a day at 10 a.m. and 11 a.m., and 2 p.m. and 3 p.m., Tuesdays through Thursdays.

Classes will feature:

  • 2022 CEOS Lessons
  • Craft classes
  • Food demonstrations
  • Home health and wellness topics
  • 2021 Committee Meetings
  • Officers Trainings
  • And much more

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Announcements & Reminders

  • Craft Class Supplies will be posted here soon
  • Check back here for recent updates or reminders

Fall Conference Craft Supplies

Succulent 101 Class
image of a Succulent arrangement in a pot

Materials Needed for Hands-on Activities

Succulent Arrangement:

  • 2-3 succulents  (Lowes, Walmart, garden store)
  • Container with drainage holes (get creative! Any container will work - cups, Terra cotta pot, bowls, ect.)
  • Succulent soil
  • Perlite
  • Optional - gravel, stone, moss

Propagation Station:

  • Leaves (can use leaves that fall off when planting your succulents in your arrangement)
  • Small cups (2-3)
  • Rubber bands
  • Plastic wrap
  • Water
  • Succulent soil
Flat penny rug wall hanging supplies for $25
Image of a Penny Rug

The Instructor will furnish everything BUT the dmc floss. You will need red, white, black, blue, green and a needle. All wool will be furnished. Email Elaine Sinclair at and make arrangements to send her a check for supplies. DO NOT ever send cash in the mail.

  • 20” long( w/o tabs) x14” wide
  • Felted wool on felted wool.
  • Threads not included
  • A beautiful way to display your patriotism. A basket holding a crow, flag, and flowers ( various colors)
Small Bouquets in a cup
Image of Small Bouquets in a Cup

The class will need a cup or any utensil you want to use. You will need flowers. Small ones are recommended but you can use a mixture. You will need greenery, green flower foam, moss, and pliers to cut flowers.

Homemade Card Class supplies for $10
Image of Homemade Cards

The Instructor will furnish 2 designs to put 4 different cards together. Email Judy Hogsett at and make arrangements to send her a check for supplies. DO NOT ever send cash in the mail.

  • Participates will need to have on hand double sided tape or glue.
  • Cost including postage is $10.
Cooking Demo: Rose Apple Tarts
Apple Rose Tart Image

Description: Come join us as we use seasonal WV apples to make lovely Rose Apple Tarts. This is a treat easy enough to make in an hour and pretty enough to be a focus on your holiday dinner table.

CEOS Conference News

2020 Fall CEOS Conference Videos

Please click on each video to watch the session you want to see. Once you hit the play button, you will notice to the right of the video, that there is an Audio Transcript already selected. 

You should also see a Chat Messages tab that you can click to see all the chat box messages. The numbering to the right of the messages is the time stamp to which the chat box messages were sent during the recording. 

Please enjoy watching or re-watching our CEOS conference