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CEOS Lessons


Features nine topics.

Lessons are provided to CEOS Clubs and made available for download the year following publication.

Healthy Oils – Good, bad, saturated, unsaturated, many fats, so much confusion! This presentation will help you select the healthiest oils when preparing and eating food.

Cast Iron Cooking – It's not just for grandma anymore! Durable, versatile, nonstick and natural, cast iron is seeing a rising tide of popularity as a new generation realizes that nothing cooks quite like it.

Home Economics From the Great Depression to Today – Learn to identify ways science and technology shaped U.S. food culture. Learn to identify ways the U.S. government provided initiatives and policies to create food security and be able to recognize the role home economists played in helping families in challenging economic times.

Women in West Virginia – A brief history of WVCEOS and some WVU Extension Service state leaders of the program. Compare and contrast these leaders and discuss their roles in the history of the CEOS. Learn the impact these women and their historical context have had on the CEOS program over time.

Native Americans in West Virginia – This lesson will introduce the learner to the Native American experience in and around West Virginia. Learners will identify Native American leaders who were involved in the state's early history and recognize the influences from their culture that still exist in West Virginia today.

Celebrate Equality – Explore the evolution of the education system in West Virginia, celebrate women's achievements in equality and recognize the West Virginia women who came first.

West Virginia Paper Crafts – Participants will learn about the history of paper crafting methods and how certain types came to West Virginia. They will also learn the basic methods of paper making, paper cutting and collage.

Slow Cooking in a Fast World – When Rival Manufacturing released the original slow cooker, the Crockpot, in the early 70s they had no idea that their slogan "cooks all day while the cook's away" would be the exact reason slow cookers would become popular again years later!

Appalachian Genealogy – Genealogy, the tracing of one's family history, is a popular hobby. Much more than just numbers, dates and places, it is a wonderful way to connect the generations.

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