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CEOS Lessons

2023 CEOS Lessons

Features thirteen topics to explore.

Lessons are provided to CEOS Clubs and made available for download as 508 accessible PDFs the year following publication.

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Teaching Appalachian Heritage Cooking to Children

A fun way to teach children about our Appalachian heritage is to make traditional recipes together and talk about the connection with history, family and the community.

Home Grown – Appalachian Folklore

In this Lesson you will learn some Appalachian Language, Folklore, Storytelling and Keeping Folklore Alive.

Crazy Quilts

Crazy quilts are one-of-a-kind treasures representing a historically significant quilt-making style.

Clutter Clean Up

In this Lesson you will learn some of How do we get started cleaning up your clutter?; Emotions and Decluttering; and then What to do with the clutter.

Coal Town to Tourist Town: West Virginia's Elk River Trail System

Learn benefits of a tourist-based economy; Activities and amenities along the Elk River Trail System; and become familiar with the Elk River Trail System locations, access points and communities.

Floriography: The Language of Flowers

Understand a brief history of Floriography; Increase your knowledge species and colors of flowers; and create a unique bouquets of flowers with a special message.

Getting Organized: Personal Health Records

In this Lesson your will learn some of What is a personal health record; Why is it important to keep a personal health record?; Three Steps tp Building a Personal Health Record; and Where you should look for health information.

Managing Your Money - The Basics

In this Lesson your will learn some of How we think and feel about money; Wants and Needs; Where does the money go?; How to make a plan; Learn about Credit; And learn about what your Credit Score means.

Personal Planning for Today and Beyond

In this lesson you will learn some of How to make a "My Life Binder" for important documents; What information is needed to plan for the future; and Gain understanding of estate planning and legal documents.

The Possibilities of Plants

In this lesson you will learn some of How to use plants beyond consumption and decoration; The history of alternative uses for plants; and Native American cultural significance of certain plants.

Point Pleasant: Land of History and Mystery

In this Lesson you will learn some of the history of Point Pleasant, West Virginia; Be able to explain the timeline of the area's historic and mysterious events; and Become familiar with the ways the town of Point Pleasant celebrates and honors these stories and legends today.


In this Lesson you will gain an understanding of the importance of pollinators; and you will learn some practices that support pollination.

The Life of West Virginia’s Wild and Wonderful Serena Katherine Dandridge

In this Lesson you will learn who Serena Dandridge was and be introduced to her scientific contributions; You will become familiar with her involvement in the Women's Suffrage Movement; and you will be encouraged to think about gender and racial inequality in the early 1900s.

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