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Wood County 4-H Camp Awards 2021

4-H campers in Wood County

Older 4-H Camp

Tribal Honors

  • Big Chief Brie-Ann Young
  • Delaware - Health H Award
  • Chief Tyler Vaughan
  • Mingo - Head H Award
  • Chief Alaina Marshall  
  • Cherokee - Heart H Award
  • Chief Cami Knopp
  • Seneca - Hands H Award
  • Chief Olivia Smith  

Tribal Loyalty

Emilee Allison, Jasmine Greening, Lily Sundstrom, Avery Whitacre

Felt Awards

Lucky Penny

Chase Breen, Amanda Lewis, Alexis McMillion, Jayden McRobie

Green & White

Kailynn Anderson, Byron Dearth, Jayden Dearth, Jade Ellison, Cami Knopp, Raechel Kress, Lucas Lewellyn, Tessa Prunty, Cameron Shore, Ali Smith, Audrey Sundstrom, Myah Tice

Blue & Gold

Katie Daley, Jackson Dearth, Mallory Marks, Lola Patterso, Hope Prunty, and Tyler Vaughan

Special Leadership

Brady Gains, Olivia Smith, Zachary Smith

  4-H campers at Younger Camp in Wood County

Younger 4-H Camp

Tribal Honors

  • Big Chief Emma Daley  
  • Delaware – Hands H Award
  • Chief Emma Casto Sagamores Jordan Dearth and Shayleigh Gard  
  • Mingo – Heart H Award
  • Chief Morgan Wicker Sagamores Lorelei Dent and Skylar Hart 
  • Cherokee – Head H Award
  • Chief Ali Evans Sagamores Jennessa Lewellyn and Kole Biddle
  • Seneca – Health H Award
  • Chief Mackenzie Moles Sagamores Caroline Fisher and Josiah Swiger

Tribal Loyalty

Douglas Casto, Shayleigh Gard, Jennessa Lewellyn, Gavin Pigott, Josiah Swiger and Morgan Wicker

Felt Awards

Lucky Penny

Isaac Blair, Nathanael Blair, Kole Biddle, Ethan Tomlinson, Morgan Wicker, Aaliyah Bland, Isabella Bland, Jansen Dearth, Zoey Gilmore, Skylar Hart, Ty Hart, Lilly Kelley, Christian Lockhart, Bonnie Lyons, Landyn Moles, Caleb Shore, Josh Steele, Spencer Steele, Sara Stoneking, Zoey Swisher, Olivia Tic, Ethan Tomlinson

Lucky Nickel

Isaac Blair, Nathanael Blair, Douglas Casto, Lorelei Dent, Emma Fisher, Caroline Fisher, Zoey Gilmore, Jennessa Lewellyn, Gavin Pigott, Josiah Swiger, Ethan Tomlinson, Morgan Wicker

Green and White

Emma Casto, Ali Evans, and Mackenzie Moles

4-H Camp Teen Leaders in Wood County

Teen Leaders

Front row from left: Jade Ellison, Mallory Marks, Cate Evans, Emma Daley, Katie Daley, Alaina Marshall. Back row from left: Erin Carmicle, Jayden Flinn, Byron Dearth, Hope Prunty, Cyleigh Sampson, Dalton Dearth, Cameron Shore. (Not pictured - Jayden Dearth).

4-H Campers in Wood County who received charting pin


Congratulations to our Charting Pin recipients in 2021. This is a high honor to achieve as a 4-H member/camper. From left: Cyleigh Sampson, Katie Daley, Hope Prunty, Dalton Dearth, and Lola Patterson with Charting Instructor Kyra Goff.

Cloverbud 4-H day camp Wood County

Young Adventurers' Wood County (YAWC)

Cloverbud and first-year 4-H member day camp.