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Wood County 4-H Woodcuts

Wood County 4-H Camp Capital Improvement

The Wood County 4-H Camp is in need of significant improvements so that we can provide opportunities for youth and families in the community for years to come. The 4-H Camp Improvement Committee has been working hard the last year two years and has secured funds from generous donors to complete several projects on the campgrounds including a complete upgrade to our electrical system, HVAC in the dorms, and coming in October, renovations to the Show Barn and a new barn addition.  We were able to complete these projects thanks to grants from the Ross Foundation, the McDonough Foundation, Our Community Foundation, 4-H groups, and individual donors.  The committee had planned to roll out a public fund-raising campaign in the spring, but due to COVID, that was delayed. We are now ready to open up the campaign to the public to raise additional money to help us reach our goal! We’ve raised more than $162,000 to date!

A New 4-H Year Begins

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Club leaders are working very hard and doing a lot of paperwork/planning to make these meetings possible. MASKS and SOCIAL DISTANCING are MANDATORY! Please be kind and respect the rules as we all navigate through these very unprecedented times together! We want to see the kids, so we need to make sure we’re keeping them safe! Please be kind to the staff and volunteers as we do not make the rules!