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Wood County 4-H Awards 2019

Wood County 4-H Honors Members and Volunteers

Wood County 4-H members and leaders with awards

WoodCounty 4-H honored their 4-H members and volunteers at their annual Awards Ceremony on October 27, 2019 at the Butcher Bend 4-H Campground. The event was sponsored by Wesbanco. Wood County 4-H members received several awards and recognitions for outstanding project work, community service, and leadership in 2019. Volunteers were recognized for their outstanding service and leadership to the county 4-H organization.

Club Awards and Honors

Club Excellence Awards

American Brushpoppers 4-H Club

Belleville 4-H Club

Lubeck Lucky Clovers 4-H Club

Sand Hill Explorers 4-H Club

Wood County 4-H Teen Leaders

Woodchucks 4-H Club

National 4-H Week Club Display Awards

1st Place:  Lubeck Lucky Clovers 4-H Club

2nd Place:  Belleville 4-H Club 4-H Club

3rd Place:  Sand Hill Explorers 4-H Club

Other clubs receiving blue ribbons were Fairview 4-H Club, Mineral Wells Lucky Mustangs Afterschool 4-H Club, Woodchucks 4-H Club, Northend Nighthawks

Outstanding 4-H Club Members

Junior grades 3-5

Male: Jordan Dearth

Female: Ali Evans

Intermediate grades 6-8

Male: Evan Kent

Female: Erin Carmicle

Senior grade 9 to age 21

Male: Isaac Lent

Female: Emma Daley

Individual club honorees selected by their club leaders were:

American Brushpoppers: Grace Hall


  • Gavin Pigott
  • Kyra Bell
  • Josh Steele
  • Austen Kinzy
  • Mikala Fling


  • Jordan Dearth
  • Ali Evans
  • Paul Smith
  • Erin Carmicle
  • Brayden Griffith
  • Emma Daley


  • Mason Lewis
  • Hannah Squires
  • Evan Kent
  • Laekyn McLaughlin
  • Devin Sampson
  • Emily Kent

Sand Hill:

  • Hattie Brown
  • Janessa Lewellyn
  • Lucas Lewellyn
  • Isaac Lent


  • Bodee Walters
  • Jordan Riddle
  • Zane Taylor
  • Jeremiah Blackwell


  • Andrew Whitlatch
  • Braylen Barcley
  • Joshlyn Miller
  • Noah Forshey
  • Julia Bland

County Awards and Honors

Project Medals

Isaac Blair - Poultry

Remington Blair - Poultry

Kelsey Clegg - Leadership

Dalton Dearth - Leadership

Jackson Dearth - Leadership

Jayden Dearth - Leadership

Jordan Dearth - Fishing

Shayanne Dearth - Cooking

Shayleigh Gard - Cooking

Jayla Gardh - Leadership

Marissa Hendershoth - Sheep

Collin Lewis - Poultry

Makalyn Lewis - Poultry

Miryan Lewis - Poultry

Alisha Ramme - Poultry

A gold project pin was awarded to Austin Sponaugle completing two or more years in the Beef project and competing in the state and county visual presentation contests.

The Austin Shawver Master Showman Award was awarded to the top showman who excels in all showmanship categories – beef, swine, sheep and rabbits. For the second consecutive year, this top honor was awarded to Haleigh Kent. She received a traveling plaque, embroidered jacket donated by Shawver Show Pigs, and $500 donated by Wards Farm Supply and Kent Welding.

Helping Hands

honors youth ages 5 – 10 who complete 10 or more hours of community service.

Hannah Squires

Lorelei Dent

Tristyn Squires

Making a Difference

honors youth ages 11 – 15 who complete up to 25 or more hours of community service.

Bryce Stephens

Emilee Allison*

Grace Hall

Hailey Payne

Kailyn Anderson

Kayden Marshall

Lucas Lewellyn

True Leaders in Service

honors youth ages 16 and older who complete up to 50 hours of community service.

David Barnes

Haleigh Kent

Kelsey Clegg

Noah Richards

Zach Smith

Prudential Spirit of the Community Certificates of Merit

Whitney Griffith

Brayden Keeney

Prudential Spirit of the Community Achievement Award 

The Prudential Spirit of Community Awards honor young people in middle level and high school grades for outstanding volunteer service to their communities.  More than a volunteer service award, the Prudential Spirit of the Community Award also looks at innovative ideas and the amount of leadership involved in the community service projects.  Winners are chosen at the county level, and those winners represent the county at the state level, and then the state winners advance to national competition.

Senior - Ambreia Griffith

Junior - Jayden Dearth

Rising Star Awards 

Erin Carmicle

Cate Evans

Audrey Sundstrom

Teen Leaders - First Year Membership Pins

Audrey Sundstrom

Brayden Keeney

Bryce Stephens

Byron Dearth

Cate Evans

Cyleigh Sampson

Dalton Dearth

Erin Carmicle

Jackson Dearth

Jacob Murphy

Jayden Dearth

Jayla Gard

Maddison Lewis

Savannah Stephens

Achievement in Service Awards

Dalton Dearth

Tessa Prunty

Achievement in Leadership Awards

Katie Daley

Cyleigh Sampson

Outstanding Service Award

Hope Prunty

Outstanding Leadership Awards

Emma Daley

Mikala Fling

Continuing Service and Leadership Awards

Brie-Ann Young

Miranda Reed

4-H Royalty

JR. PRINCESS: Hannah Lent

SR. PRINCESS: Rochel Young

JR. PRINCE: Mason Lewis

SR. PRINCE: Brayden Keeney

KING: Wyatt Eaton

QUEEN: Mollie Miller-Garrison

State and National Awards and Honors

In 4-H, members can compete at the State and National levels, and participate in state, national and international leadership conferences. Wood County 4-H was well represented at the State and National levels this year.Some awards were previously published and can be found by clicking the award link.

State Fair Winners

State Dairy Poster Contest

State Dairy Poster Contest winners competed at the county level and then went on for state level competition. All posters were displayed over the show ring at the West Virginia Dairy Cattle Show and Festival in August at WVU Jackson’s Mill.

Kennedy Stephens - Intermediate Dairy

Taya Davis - Senior Dairy

West Virginia Shepherds

The West Virginia Sheep and Goat Breeders Association with the support of The West Virginia Department of Agriculture have established funds to assist youth in becoming future West Virginia Shepherds. The intent is to develop starter flocks, develop breeding skills and increase involvement in their abilities of raising breeding sheep and goats. Four one thousand-dollar awards are given to Four individuals between the ages of 9 and 21 years to purchase breeding sheep or goats. Alyssa Tennant of Wood County 4-H was one of the four recipients of this honor.

State Shooting Sports Competitions

State 4-H Air Rifle Championship was held with more than 100 youth participating.

Wood County 4-H Members Overall Individual Placings

Senior Division

Alyssa Tennant 4th

Jamie Lambert 13th

Austin Sponaugle 16th

Tessa Prunty 29th

Junior Division

Connor Feick 29th

National 4-H Leadership Conferences

Mikala Fling, member of Belleville 4-H Club and 4-H Teen Leaders, was selected through an interview process to represent Wood County and West Virginia 4-H at National 4-H Conference in the spring. Emma Daley, member of Lubeck 4-H Club and Teen Leaders, and Mikala Fling both represented Wood County and WV 4-H at Citizenship Washington Focus in July.

West Virginia 4-H All Stars

Being inducted into the WV 4-H All Stars is the highest honor a 4-H member and volunteer can receive. In 2019, the following 4-H members and volunteers were inducted into the All Stars:

Mindy Eaton

Walker Cain

Olivia Smith

Zachary Smith

Mikala Fling

Kassie Kincaid

Jill Lewellyn

Matt Lewellyn

Presidential Service Awards

Bronze – youth ages 5 – 10 with 26-49 hours, teen ages 11-15 with 50-74 hours, and young adults ages 16-25 with 100-174 hours of service in a one-year period.

Lillian Blair

Nathaniel Blair

Janessa Lewellyn

Collin Lewis

Madaline Lewis

Makalyn Lewis

Mason Lewis

Remington Blair

Byron Dearth

Jayla Gard

Emily Kent

Evan Kent

Maddison Lewis

Miryan Lewis

Michelle Sampson

Alayna Wood

Jayden Dearth

Brie-Ann Young

Emma Daley

Silver – youth ages 5 – 10 with 50-74 hours, teen ages 11-15 with 75-99 hours, and young adults ages 16-25 with 175-249 hours of service in a one-year period.

Isaac Blair

Jaxon Swiger

Josiah Swiger

Cate Evans

Gold – youth ages 5 – 10 with 75+ hours, teen ages 11-15 with 100+ hours, and young adults ages 16-25 with 250+ hours of service in a one-year period.

Malachi Sindledecker

Martin Sindledecker

Erin Carmicle

Katie Daley

Jackson Dearth

Dalton Dearth

Brayden Griffith

Whitney Griffith

Brayden Keeney

Hope Prunty

Tessa Prunty

Cyleigh Sampson

Austin Sponagule

Audrey Sundstrom

Mikayla Fling

Ambreia Griffith

Miranda Reed

I Dare You Award

Cameron Marks

Volunteer Service Awards and Honors

4-H volunteer leaders serve in a variety of leadership and volunteer roles including 4-H club leader, camp counselor, fund-raiser, project leader, committee member and chairperson, and more. The following individuals were honored for their long-time service and commitment to the Wood County 4-H program. An Outstanding Volunteer is also chosen each year and recognized at the county and state levels.

5th Year Silver Clover Leader

Lindsey Anderson

Stephanie Kent

10th year Gold Clover Leader

Seth Townsend

15th Year Pearl Leader

Angela Evans

Jason Evans

Tiffany Heddleston

Amanda Moles

Angela Thompson

20th Year Diamond Clover

Myrtle Deems

Jim Lambert

Rocky Peck

Julie Shawver

40th Year Diamond Clover Leader

Larry Conant

Nancy Conant

Bill Leach

45th Year Emerald Clover Leader

Fred Koontz

Judy Leach

Mark Young

50th Year Ruby Clover Leader

Loretta Elliott has been involved at every level of Wood County 4-H. From organizational leader to camp class instructor to fund-raiser to donor, this volunteer has made a huge impact on the Wood County 4-H Program. Along with her husband Carl, Loretta served as organizational leader of the Bicentennial Woodchucks 4-H Club for several years and the couple were nominated as Wood County’s Friend of 4-H for their financial contributions to the program. Although Loretta’s children and grandchildren have aged out of 4-H, she remains active today as the Woodchuck’s Cloverbud Leader, a position she has held for more than 25 years. Loretta and her family’s commitment to Wood County 4-H has helped build barns at the campground, improve the livestock and 4-H camping programs, and has helped keep a 4-H club strong for decades. This Wood County 4-H All Star is also active in her church and teaches Bible School classes. How! How! to Loretta Elliott who has made a lot of lives better in her 50 years as a volunteer in Wood County.

Outstanding 4-H Volunteer

Debbie Young has served Wood County 4-H for nearly 14 years on club, county, and state levels. She currently serves as President of the Wood County 4-H Leaders' Association and has served as secretary. She is a leader with the Fairview 4-H Club, serves on camp planning committees, works as camp counselor at Cloverbud, Younger and Older 4-H Camps. She helps with county fund-raisers, serves on the Livestock Sale Committee, represents Wood County at state events, and is treasurer of the Wood County 4-H All Stars. Debbie Young has truly made a difference to countless 4-Hers in Wood County.