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Highlights from Quilt Club Meeting

Are you interested in getting involved in your community? The West Virginia Community Educational Outreach Service (WVCEOS) may be just what you’re looking for. 

Supported by the West Virginia University Extension Service, WVCEOS is a place to belong, learn, grow and have a good time with wonderful people who know how to make you feel welcome.

Strengthening the family is part of the CEOS mission. With more than 5.6 million community service activities over the past decade, members make a difference through education, volunteering and leadership activities through clubs and programs across the state.

Together, members conduct and participate in motivating education activities and events that help members continue learning, gain leadership skills and inspire community involvement. New information and past traditions combine to help create individual balance and strong families.

Members can look forward to attending the annual WVCEOS Conference, hosted at WVU Jackson’s Mill. Participants learn about strengthening the family through fun and exciting activities and workshops including sewing, movie nights, silent auctions, basket walks and more. The week of May 19, 2019 is CEOS Week where we celebrate and recognize the great work conducted by the Wayne County CEOS Clubs which includes a wide variety of community service projects and educational opportunities.

To learn more about local WVCEOS clubs, contact the WVU Wayne County Extension Service at 304-272-6839 or visit

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