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Master Gardener Demonstration Gardens

red, orange, yellow and dark pink zinnias

This time of year not only brings juicy ripe tomatoes and sweet corn bursting with flavor to the dinner table, but it’s also when we come together as communities and celebrate fairs all across the state. The largest of these gatherings in the state, the State Fair of West Virginia, takes place in Fairlea every August. Over 100,000 people come through the gates to take part in the festivities. Many come for the entertainment while others come for their favorite food. One thing is for certain though, the West Virginia University Extension Master Gardeners demonstration garden shouldn’t be missed.

The garden is an example of what the Master Gardener program brings to this state. In 2003, the newly formed Greenbrier Valley Master Gardeners joined into a partnership with the Fair to establish the 50 foot by 50 foot perennial plot. Now it’s blossomed into eight gardens and a high tunnel for fairgoers to enjoy. As you make your way down the path, you will pass by flowers of every variety abuzz with wild pollinators racing to get that fresh nectar and pollen from the new flowers each morning. Guests who visit the garden each year marvel at the beauty and detail, and they get ideas on how to bring that beauty back to their own backyards and communities.

These gardens stand as a showcase of what teamwork, elbow grease and green thumbs accomplish when they combine to reach a common goal. A special thanks goes out to the Greenbrier Valley Master Gardeners and other Master Gardeners all across the state who make their communities special to look at and live in.

By Josh Peplowski, WVU Extension Agent – Greenbrier County