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Harrison County Dining with Diabetes

Dining with Diabetes

Harrison County Dining with Diabetes educational programs

What is Dining with Diabetes?

  • A program for people with diabetes and their family members to learn about ways to address the challenges and promote healthy living.
  • A series of three classes featuring learning, demonstrations, and tasting of healthy foods.

Learn more by calling the Harrison County WVU Extension office at 304-624-8650.

Diabetes Prevention

This is a program for pre-diabetic Harrison County residents

Group Lifestyle Balance™ is a 10-month, 22 session evidence-based program in which participants work toward achieving two main goals:

  1. Increase physical activity to 150 minutes weekly. 
  2. Lose 5-7% of body weight.

This program features a lifestyle coach who works with participants to provide education and assistance in achieving these goals. Participants are monitored and regularly attend group sessions.

To be eligible to participate, a resident must:

  • Be at least age 18
  • Have a BMI >24 kg/m2
  • No previous diagnosis of diabetes
  • Be able to participate in at least 150 minutes physical activity per week
  • Have pre-diabetes or be at high risk for pre-diabetes/diabetes
  • Impaired Fasting Glucose (100-125 mg/dl) OR
  • Impaired Glucose Tolerance (2-hour, 75g
  • Oral Glucose Tolerance Test 140-199 mg/dl) OR
  • A1c 5.7% to 6.4%
Your role as a participant:
  • Commit to a change in your diet and physical activity habits
  • Attend group sessions regularly
  • Monitor your daily food intake and physical activity for the duration of the program
  • Track and record information for the program
  • Work toward achieving program goals 
Our role as lifestyle coaches:
  • Set goals for participants with lifestyle changes in diet and physical activity
  • Provide education and tools that enable lifestyle changes
  • Lead group sessions and answer questions
  • Monitor weekly progress
  • Provide encouragement and counseling to overcome obstacles
  • Encourage participants to achieve their goals

Call the  Harrison County Extension Office at 304-624-8650  or email the Harrison County Extension Office about Dining with Diabetes program and other healthy eating opportunities.