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Harrison County Family & Community Development

Harrison County, West Virginia families are stronger and healthier as a result of innovative, practical, hands-on education that enhances well-being and improves lives.

WVU Extension experts are at the forefronts of health and relationship education in West Virginia communities. For parenting tips, relationship education and information about family programs, visit WVU Extension's youths and families section. For recipes, nutrition advice, heart health information, fitness tips and more, check out our food and health section. The Family Nutrition Program shows people better ways to maximize value while cooking healthy meals.

In Harrison County and throughout West Virginia, WVU Extension faculty and staff work with citizens to increase their overall wellness through relevant, research-based programs resulting in behavior change and enhanced quality of life for individuals, families and communities.

In Harrison County, the WVU Extension Service offers:

Support a Veteran with a Brown Bag Lunch

Brown bag lunches are needed for the Hospice Department at the local veterans affairs (VA) hospital for family members who cannot leave their loved ones during that difficult time. In addition, veterans traveling on the service bus to Pittsburgh for medical procedures also are in need of bag lunches.

Contact the Harrison County Extension Office for more information to support this ongoing project.