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2018 CLA Sessions

Wednesday, April 11

12:30 p.m. Registration Opens
1:00-4:00 p.m. Pre-Conference Workshop

  • Room Location: Wharf AB
  • Lighting the Way: A Strengths-Based Leadership Approach

"There is no more effective way to empower people than to see each person in terms of his or her strengths."

Get empowered in this interactive and reflective pre-conference program focused on you, your goals and how you lead. Each participant will receive a code to complete the online CliftonStrengths assessment where you can access your personalized Insight Guide, Action Planning Tool and the bestselling StrengthsFinder 2.0 ebook.

There is a big difference in knowing what your strengths are and knowing how to use them. Gallup research shows that people who know and use their strengths every day are more engaged, productive and healthy. Discover ways to understand, explain and aim your strengths as you lead others.

Working in relationship with others requires time and effort. Leaders must have a good understanding of how they best think, feel and behave, and then leverage diverse strengths to consider the possibilities, influence others, build relationships and take action as they work with others toward a common mission.

Join us in this session to explore your strengths and work with others to understand, develop and apply ideas for actions you can take to develop strong partners and teams.

*Note: You must complete the assessment prior to this session and bring the results with you.

1:00-4:00 p.m. Pre Conference Workshop

  • Room Location: Waterfront
  • Making the Pitch

The art of the pitch is a valuable skill no matter what your professional goals. Learning to understand the problem, your solution and the market are key, and learning to think like an investor will put you ahead of your competition. There are important components to every presentation. Come learn how to pitch like a pro to get the investment you need!

Each participant will have the opportunity to implement the ideation process, draft a pitch deck and practice the pitch to the audience for feedback.

4:30 p.m. Welcome

  • Room Location: Salon EFGH
  • Kelly Nix - Associate Professor, Community Leadership Academy Director - WVU Extension Service
  • Steve Bonanno – Dean and Director, WVU Extension Service

4:45 p.m. Opening Speaker

  • Room Location: Salon EFGH
  • How to build a World Class Program from Infancy: Leadership Lessons Learned

This session will inspire, motivate and provide lessons learned that you can translates into your leadership role.

5:45-7:30 p.m. Tailgate Networking and Reception

  • Room Location: Foyer F-H
  • Amanda Workman – Director of Community Engagement, WV Community Development Hub
  • Wes Nugent – Professional Technologist, WVU Communications
  • Stacie Dei – Director, Marshall County Family Resource Network (FRN)

You won’t want to miss this tailgate! Wear your blue and gold (or other favorite West Virginia team colors) and enjoy great food and music while networking! Optional three areas of discussion will take place on the field (Center Circle Leadership, Penalty Area Good Governance and Goal Area Economic Development) as we discuss Investments for our Future! Plus, you will have a chance to have your picture taken with the Mountaineer.

P.S. Prizes will be awarded to most spirited outfit and vintage attire!

Thursday, April 12

7:30 a.m. Registration and Continental Breakfast - Room Location: Foyer F-H

8:30 a.m. Welcome

  • Room Location: Salon EFGH
  • Kelly Nix – Associate Professor, Community Leadership Academy Director - WVU Extension Service
  • Pam Farris – Executive Director – Leadership WV
  • Tony Michael – Associate Professor, Director – Family and Community Development - WVU Extension Service

8:45 a.m. Believing in Forever

Investing in the future of West Virginia includes a fresh perspective on how we can leave our legacy. We are pleased that Devine Carama will bring his own experiences and successes to the Community Leadership Academy this spring!

10:00 a.m. Stretch Break

10:15 a.m. West Virginia Forward

  • Room Location: Salon EFGH
  • Rob Alsop – WVU Vice President for Strategic Initiatives

West Virginia Forward is a joint collaborative effort developed by West Virginia University, Marshall University and the West Virginia Department of Commerce to identify new opportunities, diversify and strengthen the economy of West Virginia and to enable economic growth and job creation. Findings and a blueprint will be presented during this session.

10:45 a.m. Table Talk
  • Room Location: Salon EFGH
  • Rocky Goodwin – Senior Associate Vice President, WVU Academic and Public Strategy

The West Virginia Forward effort goes beyond a document and includes outreach and syndication activities that ensure findings are actionable. This facilitated discussion will ensure community leaders are part of the overall plan

12:00 p.m. Lunch - Room Location: Salon ABCD

12:30 p.m. Power Forward
1:15-2:30 p.m. Breakout Sessions 1
  • Leadership: Let’s Work Together! Capitalizing on Partnerships
    • Room Location: Wharf AB

our potential for connecting with others is far bigger than you realize – all around you are golden opportunities to develop relationships. Let’s face it, people do business with people they know and like. Our outcomes are linked to our relationships.

Building a circle of trustworthy, talented and inspirational people whom you can call upon takes time and work. Your ability to build, maintain and leverage the quantity and quality of diverse networks is dependent on you. As you work toward making our community stronger and improving lives, you must invest in and depend upon others.

Join us to explore both the art and science of building strong partnerships. We will examine the benefits of connecting with others, assess your networks and select research-based practices to build purposeful partnerships. Take time today to share lessons learned and vital behaviors to build relationships with others by supporting them in their efforts to work on something with you.

  • Good Governance: Board Development: Catch Fire
    • Room Location: Mon River AB

A nonprofit board of directors is the governing or policy-setting body that bears legal responsibility for the institution it serves and plays an important role in maintaining a system of decision-making checks and balances.

This session will provide structure, guidelines and great ideas for infusing energy, commitment and structure that lead to highly successful boards.

  • Economic Strategy: Female Leadership in WV Coalfield Community Development
    • Room Location: Room Location: Waterfront

The changing 21st century economy is forcing West Virginia coalfield communities to imagine and build a new future. This urgent challenge is placing unique pressure on communities within the state—and incredible leadership is stepping up to fill the void and develop diverse, sustainable economies for small coalfield communities.

This story-based session will highlight four women who are leading community and economic development in West Virginia coalfield communities by building innovative and diverse economies from the ground up. Prepare to be educated, inspired and activated by their stories of resilience, dedication and innovative approaches to seemingly intractable challenges.

2:45-4:00 p.m. Breakout Sessions 2
  • Leadership: Our Children, Our Future
    • Room Location: Waterfront
    • Jennifer Wells – Director, Leadership and Development, WV Our Children, Our Future

"The children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way."

In this fun, interactive and energetic session, we will strategize with young leaders on how to best pass on knowledge and skills to develop and retain young West Virginia talent.
  • Good Governance: WV Regionalism Panel
    • Room Location: Wharf AB
    • Moderator:  Chris Plein – Professor, WVU School of Public Administration
    • Panelists: Matt Wender – Fayette County Commissioner, John Deskins – Director of WVU Bureau of Business and Economic Research

Communities seeking economic development opportunities and facing service delivery challenges may benefit from collaborative and cooperative approaches that bring together resources from different local jurisdictions, as well as with state agencies.

This panel explores some of the options, tools and experiences that have been experienced in West Virginia and elsewhere regarding regional approaches to economic development and service delivery. These arrangements range a spectrum from informal cooperation to functional and even governmental consolidation. Our panel will feature

  • Economic Strategy: Community Health and Economic Development Panel
    • Room Location: Mon River AB
    • Moderator:  Elaine Bowen – Professor, WVU Extension Service Health Promotion Specialist

    • Panelists: Sean O’Leary – Senior Policy Analyst, WV Center on Budget and Policy, Kat Stoll – Health and Economic Policy Analyst, West Virginians for Affordable Health Care

This session examines policy decisions and government spending related to health care. It discusses the impact on the state and local communities and development activities.

4:30 5:00 Mobile Learning Tours Meet
  • Room Location: Mon River AB
5:00 – 8:00 p.m. Mobile Learning Tours
  • World Culinary Tour
    • Denis Scott – Assistant Professor, WVU Extension Service Civic Engagement and Global Education
    • Pat Smyth – WVU Extension Service Families and Community Development Administrator
    • Cost: $30 per attendee

Introducing CLA’s World Culinary Tour! It is well-known throughout the state of West Virginia that Morgantown is an exciting hub for great restaurants, breweries, arts and culture. If you regularly visit Morgantown or live in the greater area, you surely have your favorite spots to visit. However, chances are you haven’t experienced all of Morgantown’s culinary diversity.

The World Culinary Tour will showcase multiple cuisines from around the world including Hawaiian, Thai, Syrian, Mexican and Indian. First, we will stop at the RocKa Poke Noodle Bar for an appetizer sampler. RocKa is a relatively new restaurant to downtown Morgantown but has quickly earned its place receiving excellent reviews on Next, we will venture over to the Jasmine Grill, a Morgantown staple in Middle Eastern Halal cuisine. Next, we will enjoy various Mexican dishes at Garcia’s Grill, one of the most authentic and delicious Mexican restaurants in West Virginia! Finally, we will make our way over to Saffron for desserts and mango lassis. Whether you’re a lover of these ethnic foods or you’re stepping outside your comfort zone, this tour will surely be an exciting, informative and tasty experience for all who participate. Additionally, the culinary tour is vegetarian friendly! (Please indicate your dietary restrictions on your registration form.)

TK’s Produce is a great optional stop to end the tour with a to-go drink of bubble tea. Mountain State Brewing Company also provides a great optional stop after the tour where you will find live entertainment and some of the most popular microbrews in West Virginia. You may even see some of the Rail Trail Culinary Tour folks there as well!

  • Rail Trail Culinary T our: Reimagine Your Waterfront
    • Susan Riddle – Executive Director Greater Morgantown CVB
    • Kelly Nix – Associate Professor, Extension Specialist, CLA Director - WVU Extension Service
    • Cost:  $30 per attendee

For many, the CLA Culinary Tour has become a favorite among the great opportunities offered during this annual training conference. The tour is designed to take a more relaxed approach to learning about community development. This year, the Culinary Tour will highlight restaurants along the Rail Trail, all within walking distance of the Marriott at Waterfront Place. The Morgantown Wharf District is still in its beginning stages of development with many more plans to come. Morgantown’s waterways provide instrumental locations for economic development, and partnerships and collaborations will play a key role in implementing these plans. The sky is our limit and we should think big when it comes to the Rail Trail’s potential.

We will begin our tour at Bourbon Prime for starters, and then stroll down to Table 9 where we will enjoy appetizers and a spectacular river view. After appetizers, we will head over to Flour and Feed for our main course. Morgantown’s Flour and Feed offers fine dining on traditional recipes you know and love with a twist, attention to detail and the most delectable ingredients. We will conclude our tour with desserts at Oliverio’s which will bring a delicious close to our tour.

All the restaurants will share their stories about being a locally-owned restaurant in Morgantown. Each restaurant has its own unique atmosphere contributing to the local vibe and experience of a trip to the waterfront that will surely have you looking for an excuse to return.

Alcoholic beverages are available at each restaurant for purchase, so you may want to bring cash to make the process go a bit faster. Credit cards are also acceptable.

Mountain State Brewing Company provides a great optional stop after the tour where you will find live entertainment and some of the most popular microbrews in West Virginia. You may even see some of the World Culinary Tour folks there as well!

Friday, April 13

7:30 a.m. Registration and Continental Breakfast
  • Room Location: Foyer F-H

8:30 a.m. Welcome
  • Room Location: Solon EFGH
  • Vivian Parsons - Executive Director, County Commissioners’ Association
  • Jonathan Adler – Executive Director, Association of Counties
  • Ann Berry – Assistant Vice President for Marketing and Outreach, WVU University Relations
8:45 a.m. Sharing West Virginia Culture Through the Power of a Strong Brand
  • Room Location: Solon EFGH
  • Sharon Martin – WVU Vice President for University Relation

Changing a culture and a brand is more than updating a logo – it’s a serious science. As an expert in branding and marketing strategy, Sharon will tell us some of the ups and downs (mostly ups!) of her journey to move the needle forward on WVU’s brand. She’ll inspire us to think outside the box when it comes to how we view our own communities and state to help move West Virginia Forward.

9:15 a.m. Break

9:30-10:45 a.m. Breakout Sessions 3
  • Leadership: Building Your Community through Social Media Promotion
    • Room Location: Waterfront
    • Bill Woodrum – Director, Agricultural Innovations, Robert C. Byrd Institute (RCBI) at Marshall University

This presentation will focus on best practices in promotion of your community and its assets. Brand development and implementation play a key role in promoting who you are as a community and what you want the world to know about you.

This session will focus on brand development and how to promote that brand across contemporary social media sites. Various social media platforms and apps will be presented to help participants build their tool kit.

  • Good Governance: University Resources for your Community
    • Room Location: Wharf AB
    • Moderator:  Chris Plein – Professor, WVU School of Public Administration
    • Panelists:
      John Deskins
      – Director, WVU Bureau of Business and Economic Research
      Daniel Eades
      – Assistant Professor, WVU Extension Service Rural Economist
      Thomas Bias
      - Director, WVU Health Research Center
      Katherine Garvey
      – Director, WVU Land Use Law Clinic
      Patrick Kirby
      – Director, Northern West Virginia Brownfields Assistance Center

As the state’s flagship land-grant university, WVU has a mission to provide communities, local governments and the state with expert advice, technical assistance and resources for community and economic development. This panel highlights some of the programs and services that have been developed at WVU in such places as the WVU Extension Service, the Bureau for Business and Economic Research, the College of Law and WVU’s Northern Brownfields Assistance Center. This panel will feature representatives of these and other programs who will share insights on accessing and applying WVU’s land-grant mission to the state and its communities.

  • Economic Strategy: Take a Good Look Around
    • Room Location: Mon River AB
    • Ray Moeller – Extension Agent, WV State University Community & Economic Development, Nicholas County/NRGRDA

"There's really not much to do around here"--let's work together to stop those words in their tracks! Every part of West Virginia has interesting and unique offerings equaling Quality of Place. How about we discuss several unique and effective QoP projects, consider the contribution of QoP to community economics, compare notes on our collaborative QoP experience, and then brainstorm regarding the future of QoP in West Virginia? I'm game if you are, and along the way, we'll discover the one key element - the most important item - in successfully moving your initiative forward. Please join us for this compelling session.

10:45 a.m. Break

11:00 a.m. – 12:15 p.m. Civic Engagement in Action: What 55 Strong can Teach us About Energizing Constituents for Change
  • Room Location: Solon EFGH
  • Moderator: Daniel Eades - Associate Professor, WVU Extension Specialist
  • Heather Deluca-Nestor, Teacher, South Middle School, WVEA Local Rep
  • Keisha Kibler, Teacher, West Preston School, and Adjunct Faculty, WVU College of Education and Human Services
  • Dr. Mark A. Manchin, Superintendent - Harrison County, Board of Education
  • Senator John R. Unger II

West Virginia is known for its labor history, but this year’s statewide walkout by school teachers and service personnel was unique. Unlike the 1990 strike, 55 Strong united teachers and service personnel from multiple unions in all 55 counties. Moreover, the movement engaged leaders from a breadth of positions, from those on the ground, to administrators and state leaders. Learn how the movement presented and maintained a consistent and compelling message; the process of navigating interactions between formal and informal decision makers; how the movement engaged new leaders; and how the momentum from these recent events can be sustained for lasting changes here in West Virginia and across the nation.

    12:15 p.m. Lunch

    • Room Location: Solon ABCD
    12:45 – 1:15 p.m. Recognition/Awards
    • Room Location: Solon ABCD
    • Michael Dougherty – Professor, WVU Extension Community Leadership Academy Awards Chair

    Cumulative Recognition: There are five levels of recognition (bronze, silver, gold, platinum and titanium). Each requires the completion of 24 hours of instruction (24, 48, 72, 96 and 120 hours respectively). After completing 120 hours, a participant will be placed in an elite mentee/mentorship program where they will have opportunities to recruit, guide and mentor less experienced participants.

    CLA Champion Award: The Champion Award honors an individual each year who is doing an exemplary job, going above and beyond expectations, to promote and/or support the academy through their leadership, service or other activities.

    This recognition ceremony will celebrate attendees’ achievements.

    1:15 p.m. Safe Travels