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Contractor/Supervisor Course

Course Content

  • Overview covering:
    • certification requirements
    • physical characteristics of asbestos
    • historical and present use of asbestos
    • summary of health effects and related history
    • exposure standards
    • factors influencing the asbestos industry
  • EPA, OSHA, state, and local regulations – current and future
  • Health effects, medical surveillance, and health record keeping
  • Respirators and Type C systems
  • Protective clothing
  • Safety and health considerations other than asbestos
  • Preparing the work area and establishing a decontamination station
  • Confining and minimizing airborne fibers/glovebagging
  • Cleaning up the work area
  • Personal hygiene, waste disposal, and air sampling
  • Liability and insurance
  • Control options other than removal
  • Hands-on exercises to include:
  • respirators and individual qualitative fit testing
  • design of an asbestos abatement project
  • constructing an asbestos work enclosure
  • donning personal protective equipment
  • simulated ceiling removal and clean up
  • simulated pipe removal and clean up
  • simulated emergency

Contractor/Supervisor Initial: Daily Start Time: 8 a.m. – End Time: 5 p.m.

Refresher Course Content

  • Review and discuss changes in basic considerations and procedures for locating and identifying asbestos
  • Review health and legal programs associated with asbestos
  • Review proper asbestos control
  • Changes in federal and state regulations
  • Developments in state-of-the-art procedures for asbestos
  • Review of key aspects of the initial training course
  • Participants who complete the refresher courses will become recertified for a one-year period.

Contractor/Supervisor Refresher: Start Time: 8 a.m. – End Time: 5 p.m.

Fees, Deposit and Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

Fee – $695
Deposit – $139
CEUs – 3.2

Supervisor/Contractor Refresher
Fee – $165
Deposit – $33
CEUs – 0.6


Registration Information

Course Schedule (Initial and Refresher)