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Brooke County 4-H Volunteers

4-H is an experiential learning youth education program for boys and girls ages 8-19. Its practical life skills education in science and technology, healthy lifestyles and citizenship can reach any kid … anywhere … any time through 4-H clubs, camps, after-school programs, and events.

4-H volunteers and professionals have a great deal of latitude in determining when, where and how 4-H “learn-by-doing” activities take place.

4-H is a community of young people across America learning leadership, citizenship and life skills. With the guidance of 4-H volunteers, youth:

  • Learn by doing
  • Develop leadership and life skills
  • Make new friends
  • Give back to the community
  • Build connections with others
  • Prepare, do, and share

More and more youths need the values, skills, and guidance 4-H offers. As a 4-H volunteer, you are supported by 4-H professionals through your local Cooperative Extension Service, a branch of West Virginia University.

People volunteer for 4-H for many reasons. One obvious benefit is to help guide and counsel our country’s future citizens and leaders. You’ll also grow as a person, develop new leadership skills, meet new friends, and have great adventures!

How to Volunteer

Adult volunteers are an important component of the Brooke County 4-H program. Volunteers coordinate local community clubs and help plan and conduct local, regional, state and national 4-H events. They can even camp out at our Brooke County 4-H Camp!

Across the country, more than 500,000 teen and adult volunteers share their time and talents with 4-H youth. Contact the Brooke County WVU Extension Service to learn about how to apply and receive training to be a 4-H volunteer.

Get Started by filling out the Volunteer Application Form and bringing it into the Brooke County WVU Extension Office.

The volunteer selection process and more information can be found on the state 4-H page.